5 Mistakes you’re making when hanging curtains

Unless you’re a blinds kind of person, you have to change your curtains every few years. Fabrics get dirty with grime and dust and wear out after regular use. What’s more is that since curtains are used to keep out the sun, they bear the entire brunt of the sun and get faded.

When you change your curtains do look into factors like sun exposure and if it’s washable, thickness of the fabric etc… when you head out to buy new ones. We all make mistakes when buying curtains. We buy ones that don’t fit correctly or even those that do not provide enough protection from the sunlight.

Here are 5 mistakes that most of us make when hanging curtains:

1. Not measuring correctly

The most important thing about buying curtains or its cloth is to get the measurements right. How often have we gone back to the store for more material or even exchange the ones we’ve bought just because they don’t fit our doors or windows? Make sure you take the right measurements to spare you the extra trips to the home furnishing store.

2. Hanging the rods too low

Long curtains are used to make a room feel larger. When we view curtains that extend from the ceiling to the floor, we envisage a huge room. So keep the rods up high.

3. Buying short curtains

Curtains have to touch the floor, with the exception of those in the kitchen or maybe those in the kid’s bedroom. If you can’t find the right size, buy a larger size and shorten it to suit your needs.

4. Not ironing them before hanging

Curtains look ugly when they are hung with our ironing. Ironing them reduces the wrinkles and gives your house a polished look. After all, one of the reasons you purchased fancy curtains was to make your house look beautiful, so why hang them up in a shabby state?

5. Forgetting the extra’s

Hanging a pair of curtains does not just involve the rod and the curtain itself. There are a lot of other accessories for curtains. For example you may need to buy finials to make the rod look fancy at the ends or even the tie-ups to hold the curtains open etc…

If you want to make your home look wonderful don’t forget to avoid these mistakes you’re doing when it comes to your curtains.