Apple cider vinegar has been considered as a cure-all for decades. It is claimed that it can do everything from halt hiccups to whiten teeth, and even banish dandruff.
There is some strong research to back up apple cider vinegar as a healthy elixir, as long as you use it correctly.

Apple Cider Vineger
Apple cider vinegar regulates blood sugar.

When used in proper measurement Apple Cider vinegar is found to regulate blood sugar. People with pre-diabetes improved their blood glucose levels with vinegar by nearly half, while people with diabetes cut their blood glucose concentrations by 25%.

Apple cider vinegar reduces cholesterol:

Studies have shown that Apple Cider Vinegar can control cholesterol to great extend. 

Apple cider vinegar prevents weight gain:

The researchers believe the findings support the notion that acetic acid turns on genes that trigger enzymes to break down fat and prevent weight gain.

Apple Vinegar go-to recipe:

Whip together one tablespoon each apple cider vinegar and lemon juice; add a half teaspoon of minced garlic, a dash of ground black pepper, and a few fresh basil leaves, chopped. Its unbelievable drizzled over fresh leafy greens, broad beans, or cooked, chilled fingerling potatoes.
Just keep in mind, making vinegar a daily habit won’t cancel out the effects of overeating. Think of it as one part of your wellness puzzle, and not a panacea.