young-boys-with-table-manners As a parent, it’s our responsibility to teach our kids good manners. So that at a social event, they can have interactions with other people in a polite way and they can respect their feelings. Though it is not an easy job, but once they grasp it, it will become a part of their life.

When your child starts to go to pre-school, that is a perfect age to teach them manners and develop their social skills. Your preschooler should grow socially, like as he grows physically. It is not at all difficult to make your kid learn good manners. Few efforts and little patience are  surely needed.

Here are some ways parents can teach their preschoolers good manners.

  • Sharing– A youngster at an age of 4 or 5, actually does not understand the sharing concept. But you can instruct him to understand simple things. Such as, waiting for his turn to play with a toy. Children pay attention how parents do at home. So parents can demonstrate them how they share things with each other and set a salutary example of sharing in front of the kids. Teach them to donate their clothes or toys to other kids who are less fortunate. Also praise your child when he shares things with friends.
  • Greet people nicely– Most of the kids are shy and hesitate to say hello or goodbye to strangers. Teach your child to face people directly and handshake with them, also teach them how to answer their questions with confidence and tell a little bit more about yourself proactively.
  • Say “Thank you” and “Please”– When kids receive any gifts, ask them to say thank you. It is a very respectable way to say thank you to waiters in restaurants when they serve. So teach your child to do that, so that they can have respect for the people who assist them. He will learn how to use “please”, “excuse me” words, when he hears you saying that. So be consistent of using this. Praise your kid, for using  these magic words in daily conservations.
  • Telephone manners– Make sure that your preschooler speaks politely over telephone. Be careful that, he should not give much personal information to any stranger. Try fun games by calling on a toy phone to make him learn how to converse well.
  • Table manners– At home, teach him table manners, such as chewing food with mouth closed or do not start eating until everyone is served. Tell him how to have food without making noise. Also, let him understand the importance of finishing all the food served in a plate. Once he masters the table manners, go out for dinner to a relative’s place or a restaurant. For him, dining out will be a learning experience with fun. Teach him to finish everything which is served in a dish.
  • Patience– Most of the children want to express, when something comes into their mind. If you are performing some important work and your kid wants to speak to you immediately, then ask him to wait unless it’s urgent. Talk to him once you have done and do not forget to thank him for being patient.

Remember that children always observe others behavior and try to copy it. Your kid is going to follow you. So if you desire to grow a well mannered child, then as a parent, you should behave with others in a good way and be consistent about it.