All About Taking your Kid to the Dentist for the First Time

taking kid for a dental checkup
Taking your kid to the dentist for the first time may be as early as you may realize! Although it depends on parents that when they wish to take their child for a dental checkup but preferably the age of two and a half to three is considered best. This is because till that...

Know more about myths and facts associated with nutrition in pregnancy

Congratulations!!! You are soon going to be a mother!!! You are now all set to enjoy the roller coaster ride of hormones, bizarre changes in the body and crazy cravings at odd timings. You also need to be well prepared to get bombarded by a lot of unsolicited advice which may be conflicting too....

5 Tips to Help your Child Adjust to a New Sibling

5 tips to help your child adjust to a new sibling
A new baby in the house is bound to bring excitement to your first born. If he had shown a lot of excitement before birth, things might change after the baby is born.First born’s normally experience their first bouts of jealousy when the baby is born. They start realizing that the new born is...

Piercing Your Baby’s Ear

baby Piercing
In some culture’s it is normal to pierce a baby’s ear when he or she is new born. But others can choose to do so after a couple of months or even several years down the line. Here are some factors that can help you in piercing your baby’s ear. Age-The right age to pierce...

Certain Foods to be avoid during Pregnancy!

Certain Foods to be avoid during Pregnancy!
One of the challenging times for every woman is her pregnancy period. That’s a season of emotional and physical changes once body goes through. Though the moment stirs the moment of happiness and excitement to the world, the nine-months of difficulty women undergo is known only by her. The morning sickness, night hunger, mood...

Every Parent must-know the Skin issues Baby might face!

Every Parent must-know the Skin issues Baby might face!
Child skin health is a steady wellspring of stress for many parents. The smallest rash, pimple or indication of disturbance can trigger undue concern. What's more, since newborn child skin is especially helpless, skin issues are a typical event among babies. Here's a diagram of four normal conditions that every parent must know. Diaper rash: Diaper...

Checklist for knowing if you are spending enough time with your kids

The greatest guilt that most of the working mothers carry is being not able to spend enough time with their kids. Of course, we feel that if we have all other infrastructure set in place, we are providing enough to our kids. But then quality time matters and moms need to really keep a...

Top tips to look attractive and ravishing during pregnancy

Top tips to look attractive and ravishing during pregnancy
There was a time when pregnant women used to wear huge floral smocks or gowns to hide their bump. Today, times have changed and moms-to-be love looking ravishing and beautiful. Blessed with natural glow, pregnant women love to wear chic fashion labels during pregnancy to look glorious and gorgeous. Following tips can help them to...

The scent of a newborn baby has a positive impact on the mother

The scent of a newborn baby has a positive impact on the mother
As soon as a baby is born, the doctor puts it over the chest of its mother. This very first instance of mother-child bonding goes a long way in creating a strong relationship between the two. The subtle smell of the new born babies has been proven to elicit a positive impact in the...

How to overcome eating disorders?

overcome eating disorders during pregnancy
What are eating disorders? Eating disorders have a very different approach for different people. These disorders can make disastrous changes in the eating habits of a person. These people find it very difficult to eat as they have a fear of weight gain. The two common types of eating disorders are anorexia nervosa and bulimia...

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