5 Mistakes you are making when Hanging Curtains

Unless you’re a blinds kind of person, you have to change your curtains every few years. Fabrics get dirty with grime and dust and wear out after regular use. What’s more is that since curtains are used to keep out the sun, they bear the entire brunt of the sun and get faded. When you...

4 Tips to Make a Small Room Look Bigger

Tips to Make a Small Room Look Bigger
A lot of us live in matchbox size apartments. We all want our homes to appear larger than they actually are. So how do we actually manage to do this? 1. Curtains Curtains are a tricky accessory. If used right then they can create illusions the way you want. To give the illusion of longer walls,...

5 Tips to Maintain Laminate Flooring

If you are looking to get a floor that looks like wood but doesn't cost as much and requires even lesser maintenance then laminate flooring is the way to go. Here are some tips to help you maintain and clean those laminated floors: 1. Do not use the usual broom Yes, the type of broom used to...

6 Must-Have Bathroom Accessories You Shouldn’t Miss Out!!!

Maybe you haven’t ever thought about it but bathrooms usually have lots of accessories which you should be aware of. These days’ washrooms are created in a functional manner to make them look posh and up to date. Here are given 6 must have bathroom accessory list which can help you out if your new...

5 Unusual Uses Of Shaving Cream

Don’t hold the misconception that shaving cream can be used only to shave your hair off. It can be used for various other purposes that you couldn’t even have imagined. 1. Clean your hands   Are you out on a road trip with no water to spare? Then shaving cream can be your savior. Simply spray some...

5 Ways to Make Cheap Flowers Look Expensive

  Have you accidentally picked the wrong flowers that look cheap or have you picked the cheap flowers so that you don’t exceed your budget? Either way, there is scope for improvement. You can make these so called, ‘cheap flowers’ into something classy and elegant. 1. Use a fancy or expensive vase The flowers might be thrifty but...

Ultimate Guide To Exterior Painting

Ultimate Guide To Exterior Painting
Painting a house is an important task, perhaps one of the most crucial activities for a house.  When it comes to painting a house, interiors are what everybody pays much attention and energy on while exteriors are just not looked that much into.  Exterior paint of a house is as much as important as...

5 Tips to Select a Sturdy Sofa

Every household has a sofa. The market is flooded with tons of sofas to choose from and the task can get quiet confusing. Some are only good to look at and won’t give any comfort if sat on. Others are not suitable for households that have toddlers as they can get spoilt easily. Here are...

How to Get Crayon Marks off Walls

Almost all households with toddlers face the situation when their walls get decorated with their little tot’s art.Crayon scribbles are not as hard to get off as you imagine them to be. Here are 7 ways in which you can easily get  crayon marks off walls: 1. Toothpaste The abrasive in the toothpaste will help get the...

8 Ways to Make Cleaning Fun

5 Ways to make cleaning fun
For most of us, cleaning can be a real chore. First of all do not start the process of cleaning with a negative mindset. Studies have proven that the state of mind and emotions we feel while doing a task has a direct relation to the quality of the work done. Number One: Do not...

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