How to burn calories while you are at office

burn calories while you are at office
Most of office workers spend an average of 8 hours a day, sitting at their desk as a part of their normal routine. To meet work deadlines, many people come early in the morning to the office and sit at the desk whole day. The constant sitting and inactivity slows down the metabolism, which...

Eat fish to lose weight

Eat fish to lose weight
Yes, you read it correctly. If you cross your fingers while standing on a weighing machine and pray god, then its time to change your habits. A number of factors are important while losing weight. You can lose weight when you burn more calories. Healthy diet makes a big difference in weight loss program....

Reasons why you should start Cycling Today!

If you wish to retain youth till the time you can, then you have to start cycling today! Studies have proven that cycling does a world of good deeds to health. It’s an excellent workout for people of all ages. Riding a bicycle protects body against obesity, diabetes, low mood, heart disease and boosts...

6 Symptoms of Breast Cancer

Dangerous as it sounds, breast cancer is easy to treat if diagnosed earlier. Its Pink October, breast cancer awareness month; so lets TLC (Touch, Look and Check). You don’t need any special techniques or training to check your breasts. Get to know your breasts normally and see if you can spot anything unusual. Check...

Snoring Can Be More Than An Annoying Problem!

Snoring man problems
Wheezing throughout the night will pester anybody you are resting close to and if it's sufficiently uproarious, it can trouble everybody in the whole house. The oblivious propensity can be a genuine annoyance for you and your family, yet it ought to likewise be a reason for concern. Wheezing is regularly connected to extreme...

Tips to master the art of running

Tips for running
Running is the easiest and the most inexpensive form of exercise. This form of exercise shows good results in weight loss and building overall stamina. One can achieve a better body by practicing running, but the right technique of running needs to be practiced to avoid the sprained body parts and pain. The benefits...

Fit to be a Mom

Fit to be a mom
Parenting is the most responsible job in the world. Taking care a baby demands  the parent to be fit mentally and physically.  Parenting is a life time job, which is not just about giving a birth to a baby; this is about taking care of a baby throughout the life.  Physically, the mother...

6 Things you should never Wear to the Gym

6 Things you should never wear to the gym
A lot of us head to the gym looking all frumpy. We do not realize the importance of gym clothing. Firstly, a good fitting outfit permits us comfort while working out. Secondly, if you look stylish, it gives you more motivation to work out. But there are something’s best left at home instead of worn...

7 Ways To Stay Fit

Staying fit is amongst the most earnest desire of many women. And it is just within your reach if you are willing your put your mind and apply your thought. The advantages of being fit are innumerable and they offer multiple health benefits. Not merely that, with the current stress levels that working women...

Stay fit and active with family and kids

How to stay fit and active with family and kids! In this fast paced time, maintaining a good health is a real challenge. Finding time amidst never ending family and kids’ responsibility makes it more difficult, but at the same time, there is no other option. Health and fitness is important for everyone but for...

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