Gaining weight a challenge during teenage

Gaining weight a challenge during teenage
Being overweight as well as underweight are problematic issues faced by teenagers. These days, a lot of teens face the problem of being underweight. They try hard to gain weight and for this they indulge in a lot of activities. They get involved in gymming, exercising, swimming, weight lifting, dancing and many more. Looking...

How Important Is ‘Being Fit’ In Your 40’s

How Important Is ‘Being Fit’ In Your 40’s
Once you hit the 40's, apart from the ‘old’ jokes that come trickling in, you will also hear your doctors advising you to engage in some kind of exercise. The mid-life as it is commonly known, the fourth decade is a time when your body undergoes changes, hormonal or otherwise. Chances are, you’ll wake...

9 Habits You Must Change During Periods!

We can say those 4-6 days in every month are the worst moments that we pray must pass fast. Though the time sees miserable and painful, it’s important to stay healthy and hygienic. So, today you’re gonna see few tips to avoid while you stay on your menstrual cycle. Menstrual cramps are indeed painful,...

6 Things you should never Wear to the Gym

6 Things you should never wear to the gym
A lot of us head to the gym looking all frumpy. We do not realize the importance of gym clothing. Firstly, a good fitting outfit permits us comfort while working out. Secondly, if you look stylish, it gives you more motivation to work out. But there are something’s best left at home instead of worn...

What should you do to stay focused for a workout?

stay focused for a workout
Unwavering and focused approach towards workout! Every New Year, majority of people take a resolution to stay fit and healthy. They vow to workout every day, religiously without getting distracted by any other thing in their life. But, how many people are able to continue with this resolution? Studies indicate that almost 80-90 percent people...

Back to work after baby

work after baby
Back to work after baby Just imagine how a child feels when he is asked to face the outside world all alone. A world to which he is completely oblivious, a world which is sometimes strewn with flowers and at others adorned with thorns. He is obviously supposed to feel a little weak, a lot...

6 Symptoms of Breast Cancer

Dangerous as it sounds, breast cancer is easy to treat if diagnosed earlier. Its Pink October, breast cancer awareness month; so lets TLC (Touch, Look and Check). You don’t need any special techniques or training to check your breasts. Get to know your breasts normally and see if you can spot anything unusual. Check...

Be Aware of these 6 Creepy Women Health Issues!

Be Aware of these 6 Creepy Women Health Issues!
Today, no Woman considers their self-being rather live for their family and joy. Women's Health issues are something that every young woman ought to appreciate and think about critical. Slighting disturbing issues can provoke expensive medications and you could even lose your life. It's fundamental to see your master all an opportunity to ensure...

Tips and exercises to get lean and hot legs

Lean and hot legs
  Every woman loves to shed excess weight on their legs and make them look lean and hot in a tight fitting dress. It is no longer a dream to gain such an impressive figure. Following some exercises and tips can help her gain enviable physique. Working lower half One of the most important exercises that can...

Lose Weight with No Crash Diet

Lose Weight with No Crash Diet
Crash dieting is one of the most popular methods of losing weights. Most people prefer a crash diet course over any other weight-loss program both because it does not take up any time or serious effort and it yields the desired results much faster than any other program. It is simpler than most diet...

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