What is freedom for a woman?

Have you ever pondered why women are constantly referenced when the word “freedom” is used. Ever wonder why women must continually battle for their fundamental human rights? Why do men grant us freedom and make decisions about what we should do, how we should be, what we should wear, and what we should see? 

Why is it that a woman’s life is decided by the people around her? Why does her family choose her education? Why are all the domestic tasks always done by women? Why is child care always a mother’s responsibility, despite the fact that both men and women are responsible for bringing the child into the world? Even though women’s rights are gaining ground, what does true freedom mean for a woman? Continue reading to know what is freedom for a woman and the importance of women’s rights. 

  • First and foremost, the question “What freedom should women have?” should be eliminated. Women are a creation of nature and everything that nature creates ought to be treated with respect and dignity. Nobody has the authority to grant another person their freedom. Women are capable of making independent decisions about their lives, just like men are.
  • When women are free to make their own life decisions they are truly empowered. Sadly, social rules dictate when a woman should get married, who she should marry, when she should give birth, and if she can keep working after having a kid. All of these decisions must be made by the woman herself. A woman can have children at age 45 and get married at age 40, or she can remain single as long as she likes. Her sexuality should never be portrayed as a sin. Every woman will be viewed as empowered the day all of these become normalised and are no longer viewed as sins.
  • One of the biggest ways to degrade women is to hold the belief that men are superior to them. The worst part is that it is ingrained in us since childhood, leading us to believe that we are inferior to men. There are still families that view the birth of a girl child as a sin. They even go to the extreme of killing those sinless souls. Such inhuman acts have become rare but still exist.

  • Real equality can start, when women are not sold in the name of marriage dowry. She is not required to wed someone against her will even if arranged marriages are part of Indian culture. Two distinct individuals will get married and they will be the ones to live their lives together. Many families don’t take their daughter’s views into account.
  • People all across the world are so convinced that women are treated fairly and given equal rights ignoring the reality that women are supposed to be virgins till marriage but their husbands are free to have as many wives as they choose. Rarely would a divorced lady remarry. Whereas a divorced man or widower will want a virgin bride. 


Freedom is never something that one person can take from another. Both men and women should have the freedom to think, act, and do anything they want. Women leaving their four walls to work, pursue further education, or both is not true freedom. 

The true empowerment of women comes from having the freedom to think and act in accordance with their interests without being constrained by societal stigma.