10 Christmas gifts you should never give anybody

Deciding what to buy your family and friends for Christmas is always confusing. We often hear the phrase with regard to gifting. ‘It’s the thought that counts’. Of course the thought does count, but it doesn’t mean we buy any random object we can lay our hands on.Gifts should be personal and thoughtful. Think in the shoes of the person receiving it.Do not be the person handing out gifts that make the person opening them force an expression of happiness.

So here’s a list of gifts that should not be given to anyone:

  • Socks, underwear and handkerchiefs-Gifting of personal items such as underwear and socks is a very delicate matter. Let your loved ones buy their own under pants and socks.
  • Recycled gifts-How many times in the past have we been gifted stuff we really hated? Our receipt of the terrible gift does not end there. We actually have the cheek to rewrap it and gift it to someone else. Chances are they are also not going to be happy seeing it. Don’t be a victim of your own nature.
  • Chocolates and cakes-This was a favorite gifting option in the past. But with people counting their calories, especially in the holiday season when they go overboard on the Christmas parties.
  • Very expensive gifts-When you are spending a lot of money on a gift such as jewellery or an electronic gadget, it is very important to make sure that you are buying the one that your loved one wants. So don’t take the risk of buying the expensive gift without the knowledge of your loved one. Since it involves a lot of value, it’s better to consult them first before you buy it. Leave the surprise for another day.
  • Uniform gifts-Gifts are meant to be personalized. Just because you have been lazy or were strapped for cash, you buy identical gifts for all your loved ones. It is totally uncool to buy identical gifts. Imagine the situation, if your aunts who all got identical sweaters opened them in front of each other.
  • Last minute gifts-If you head out to the shops in the last minute, hoping to salvage yourself something to gift, don’t be surprised to find yourself surrounded with rubbish or extremely expensive stuff. Don’t land up buying something just for the heck of it. Better land up empty handed than gifting something that won’t be liked.
  • Boring Gifts-Do not get people boring gifts that are likely to get from another 20 other odd people. Be original and creative.Boring gifts range from photo frames, mugs and ties to paperweights and perfume.
  • Self-help book-They might need help, but let them figure it out themselves. The last thing you want to do it to shove the apparent under their noses and make them feel awkward about it.

Follow the rules of what not to gift your loved ones or friends and you’ll get by fine this Christmas.

Written by:Rasha Ashraf