Easy Birthday Cake Ideas for your Kids

An Overview: Birthday times

Birthday holds a very special place in the life of each and every person. A person desperately waits for his birthday to come. Even if there are no special plans, yet birthday develops a great sense of excitement within one and all. Kids and children are very happy on the day of their birthday. As always, they expect their loved ones to bring in special gifts for them. Birthday always reminds of Cakes. The word “Cake” itself is mouth watering. Kids are very excited to check out their birthday cake. As they wait for their birthday to come every year, they also expect their cakes to look very special and unique from time to time. Hence, here are some exciting ideas for carving, crafting and presenting the birthday cake in the most innovative manner.

Ideas for making Birthday Cakes:

The conventional round shaped and heart shaped cakes available at bakery joints have become very common amongst one and all. Children expect from their parents or relatives to get different kind of cake. This gives a sense of great pride to the children. Children and kids feel really special when they see a great amount of novelty in their cakes.

Let us explore some birthday cake ideas for your kids:

  1. Teddy Fascination- Kids are highly fascinated and touched with the presence of teddy bear in their celebration. By designing the cake in the shape of a teddy bear can indeed make their day. Parents should definitely try this once.
  2. Muffin Love- It is not necessary to follow the conventional approach of preparing cakes. Parents can make their kid’s occasion yummy by including muffins in the form of cake.  Muffins can be made of desired colors and taste. Decorating them with edible flowers and shinning balls can just sparkle the occasion at the best.
  3. Favorite Number-Children are happy to see images relevant to their liking. By designing the cake of their kid’s favorite number can make the child feel important and lucky.
  4. Barbie is always in-Barbie has been the favorite and special doll for every girl. Cake in the form of a Barbie can just be great and exciting for your girl. She would get a great time to flaunt it amongst her girl friends.
  5. Latest Cartoon and fun collection-You never know the level of liking of your child for several games like Angry Birds, Pokémon, etc… unless and until you give a chance to know about it. Just make a cake matching to any of his or her favorite characters and check out their reaction. They would definitely rock and roll.
  6. Set up a Theme-People can set a great theme for their kids’ birthday party. They should develop the cake in a way which creates great astonishment amongst people. Just splash the party with cool summer theme and get a beach look to the cake, or else a winter party celebration and get a chilling theme prepared in the cake.


Creativity has no limits. One can easily get the cake developed in the best innovative way possible.