3 Things You Need to Know About Earwax

Earwax is an embarrassing topic to talk about even for many. Ears are that part of the body which many of us do not pay much attention to. If we experience an itching, we think it is due to earwax and the sudden action is to take a cotton swab and trying to clean the ear.  There are some adventurous people who might even try to poke the ear with whatever they might get their hands on.  The fact is that most of us know nothing about earwax and we have already put it in the harmful bracket and we will do anything to clear our ears of it.

3 Things You Need to Know About Earwax

Be aware of, so that your poor ears remain protected and are not attacked by any stupid ‘treatments’ for earwax

  1. What exactly is earwax:  Earwax is not dirt accumulated on your ears from dirt or dust. It is actually old skin cells and oil secreted by ear. It might also contain dirt and hair and even water. Though it is called as earwax, there is no wax in it, please remember! Medically, there is a better name for earwax and that is cerumen.
  2. Earwax isn’t harmful but helpful: Many consider earwax to be harmful but in reality, it is not. It is antibacterial and it maintains the lubrication of ears which acts as a barrier to any harmful effect. It also has the capacity to kill germs and bacteria, which if they enter ears, can cause serious hazards to ear. It can also prevent infections. So, in a way, the earwax is the friendly soldier protecting the ear.At the same time, there is no need to clean the ear of wax from time to time, for it will flow out of your ear slowly or some times, dry out and even flake away. So just leave it alone and it will find a way out.
  3. Avoid dangerous cleaning methods: Cotton swabs are considered to be a safe method of removing earwax. In fact, it is not so but it is quite dangerous. These swabs can push the wax deeper into the ear and in some cases; it can even block the ear canal, which can even affect your hearing ability. Another fear is that it might cause even causing bleeding.

There are some over-enthusiastic people who even do not mind placing a burning candle near the ears, thinking the heat will melt away the wax. Now you know that earwax is not the usual wax. So keep away the lit candle or it can catch fire and cause serious consequences.

While earwax cleans itself off, if you are too much bothered then, what you can try is warm water. Use a dropper and pour slightly warm water into the ear. Earwax is water soluble and your wax will be washed away.  Baby oil is also a solution.

Regular use of earplugs and earphones too can cause accumulation of earwax.  Though, the above remedy can be tried, but if you are facing too much discomfort in any ear, then you should consult your doctor.