A guide to Wash your hair

A guide to washing your hair

Beautiful hair is an important aspect of beauty. There is no direct answer to how often you wash your hair. It is actually up to you. It’s your choice when you want to wash your hair. It may happen that you are washing hair very often than actually it is required. Sometimes people think that their hair will get dirty, if they do not wash it daily. Experts say that you should not wash your hair every day. As your hair becomes very dry after frequent washing. Daily washing strips oil from the hair. Over-cleaning of hair makes your hair look greasier.

It all depends on the texture of your hair. Hair types and texture differs from person to person, so they need to wash the hair accordingly. Certain hair types need washing every day, but with other type it is ok to wash 2 to 3 times in a week. It is equally important that what you do with your hair. Ideally you should wash your hair twice a week or whenever you feel that your hair needs it. If there is a high chance of oil production, then it is necessary to wash every day. Hair is like fiber. If you wash it very often, it will look worse.

Let’s have a look, depending upon hair type, how many times you should wash your hair

If your hair is longer, thicker and curlier, then it will work if you wash it after long duration. This type of hair does not get dirty easily. So no need to clean it often. You can use conditioner or dry shampoo to refresh the hair between washes. You can wash the hair alternate day, if it is thin and short. The people with curly hair, wash it after a long time and use conditioner in between to maintain curls and moisture. Also, they can massage their scalp with water to make curly hair little refreshing.

If you have fine hair texture, then you should wash your hair every day. With daily wash, your hair will sparkle. Colored or processed hair needs less frequent washing. It remains dry, as oil does not go down quickly till end of the hair. If your hair is too oily, use dry shampoo or talcum powder to soak the extra oil from hair. It is recommended by experts that wash your hair once a week, or at least after every 3 days.

If you want to wash your hair more often, then make sure to use a shampoo which is mild on your hair. Sometimes instead of frequent washing, styling causes the hair damage. Excess use of heat appliances, hair dryer and styling products damages the hair. Washing the hair incorrectly can cause many problems such as lice, dandruff, scalp  irritation and other scalp issues.

At the end, you should understand the type of your hair and try to use the right product to wash your hair whenever you feel it is required. The above tips will surely help you get beautiful hair.