What Your Gray Hair May Be Telling You

Hair form an important part of every individual’s personality. Every individual tries to sport an attractive hair-do whether it is for a party, social function or even office. Few people may however encounter the issue of gray hair which sometimes may also signify a person growing old and make one feel upset.

Gray hair grows generally due to the large production of hydrogen peroxide which is actually formed due to routine damage caused on the hair follicles. The natural pigment that exists in every person’s hair is melanin. When hydrogen peroxide blocks the normal synthesis of this pigment, gray hair begin to grow.

The protein melanin is what determines the colour of each person’s hair. This protein can be subdivided into two groups – eumelanin and pheomelanin. The former type of protein turns the hair from brown colour to black colour. The latter one changes the hair from the shade of yellow-blond to that of red. Hence the colour of an individual’s hair completely depends on the levels of eumelanin and pheomelanin. Melanocytes are the cells which generate melanin. Once they stop forming this protein, the hair loses the natural colour and turns gray. Research also suggests that the white people have a higher tendency when it comes to early graying of hair. Asians and Africans on a general note experience graying of hair when they have crossed the age of 50.

Men and women who have been experiencing graying of hair are trying to learn about the stem cell therapy. Studies reveal that more than the melanocytes, it is the stem cells which make a significant contribution in preventing hair from turning gray. Considering this, experts conduct this therapy to re-grow the stem cells. As a person gets older, the stem cells reduce in number as well as quality. A definite fall in this count can bring down the volume of melanocytes and as a result stop the process of melanin synthesis. In this therapy, experts make use of the unique polypeptide signals to stimulate the growth of stem cells in the hair.

Many people also use various dyes to hide the strands of gray hair. However what these people do not know is that these dyes contain heavy amounts of toxic chemicals such as ammonia which can have an adverse impact on the health of the user. People have confirmed reports of several types of cancer – lymphoma, myeloma or bladder cancer due to the use of hair dyes. It is important that everybody realizes that graying is a natural process generally caused due to ageing. While many may choose to flaunt the silver shade of hair, others may like to hide those strands. If that be so, they can opt for chemical-free dyes or hair colour which does not affect their health.

Various people have also opinionated that stress levels can also trigger the growth of gray hair. If that is true, one of the simplest ways to be able to retain one’s hair colour will be to lead a happy and tension-free life!