7 pain combating foods

Suffering from pain for long periods may prove to be mind numbing for many people. At times, strong drugs too fail to bring about a measure of relief in pain. People also try alternative remedies to get some breather from all pervasive pain. Research conducted in this field proves that consuming certain foods can help in gaining relief from pain.

Top 7 foods that help in fighting pain are



An underground root, ginger is used in several cuisines to add unique flavour to them. Whether it is gingerbread cookies or stir fry recipes, a lot of difference in the taste of the dish can be enjoyed by adding ginger. People who suffer from nausea feeling also use ginger to ease their symptoms. Studies conducted in this field proved that there are certain inflammatory fighting compounds available in ginger that reduces pain. It is also considered quite advantageous for people suffering from joint pain.



Scientists found that if caffeine is consumed in low amounts, it can help in reducing perception regarding pain to a considerable extent. Thus, a couple of cups of coffee can help in reducing pain.

Olive Oil

olive oil

Olive oil also contains a lot of inflammatory properties. It was proved in Mediterranean people who enjoy comparatively good health. This was because their food contains a good amount of olives. This oil not only helps in pain but offers various other health benefits. Ibuprufen like compounds have been seen in extra virgin olive oil. It can be used for cooking stir fry vegetables or as salad dressings. If this oil is made part of daily diet, amazing benefits can be attained.



A deep sea fish, salmon is another food that helps in relieving pain. It is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids and when added to a dish, it increases its benefits. The healthy fat contained in this fish also offers several benefits. Calcitonin is also provided by salmon that reduces joint inflammation. People suffering from osteoarthritis can gain a lot of relief in pain by consuming salmon.


Another food that helps in gaining relief from pain is turmeric. This is an important ingredient in foods and is added as a spice. It is usually added in curries and imparts a unique yellow color to the dishes. This spice is believed to have a lot of anti inflammatory effects and offers great relief in rheumatoid arthritis pain. When used along with ginger, it adds a lot of benefits. It is also available in capsule form and is available in medical stores.

Red Grapes

Red grapes
Resveratrol found in red grapes provides a lot of anti inflammatory effects. It is a chemical compound and is found in peanuts and berries too. According to the studies conducted in this field, this chemical compound has the ability to stop certain body cells that responds to inflammation thereby causing pain. Eating red grapes can help in easing pain.

Thus, above 7 foods help a lot in fighting pain without suffering from any side effects.