Have you felt uneasy when walking home alone? Are you getting weird behavior from strangers on the bus? Of course, you may experience all these in your life. How will you overcome these situations? Firstly, you must learn self-defense tricks to fight in all the toughest instances. Let’s learn a few easy self-defense techniques for your protection in public. 

Self-Defense Techniques You Must Know 

Self-defense starts before you react to the worst-case scenarios. The first step is to be aware of your surroundings. Focus on your attacker’s vulnerable places such as the throat, eyes, groin, and nose. Apart from that, what can you do? Let’s delve into self-defense techniques. 

1. Hammer Strike 

Use Hammer Strike Self Defense technique One of the easy ways to defend yourself is using your car key. Avoid using fingernails as it’s riskier and can injure your hands. When feeling unsafe walking at night, you can hold your key so that it sticks out from one side of your fist. To perform the hammer strike, grip your key ring tightly in a fist as you would hold a hammer, and move downward toward your target.

2. Escape from a Wrist Grab 

Self-Defense Technique to escape from a wrist grab

Pulling your hand away is a common mistake everyone makes when an attacker holds your wrist. But, your wrist gets hurt when the attacker tightens his grip further and you are unable to release further. A simple technique you must follow is rotating your wrist so that your thumb lines up with your attacker’s fingers and jerks swiftly downwards by bending your elbow.

3. Kicks 


If you execute effective kicks, you can keep your opponent at bay. With longer legs than your arms, you gain an extended striking range, preventing your opponent from closing in. Side, front, and round kicks are easy to practice. Learning kickboxing, karate, and Muay Thai are the best ways to master proper kicking techniques.

4. Defending a Hair Grab 


If the opponent grabs your hair from the front, firmly grasp his wrist with both of your hands. Push his hand further towards your head, allowing movement of your head but not your hair. Subsequently, gently move one hand up to grasp his pinky finger and swiftly pull it back towards his wrist. If the assailant approaches from behind and grabs your hair, turn around to face him. Then push down the arm that is grabbing your hair to free yourself.

5. Nose Strike 

Nose Strike for self defense

Apart from defending a hair grab, what is the other best way to avoid threatening situations? You can break your attacker’s nose using the palm heel strike. It is easy to strike your attacker in an upward motion under the nostrils. You can also try striking the chest, foot, and head to increase the chance of your escape. Also, yell for help, run away from the attacker, and call emergency services. 

Safety Devices for Women 

Women can carry several safety devices with them to cope with challenging situations. Here is a list of a few safety devices you can carry easily: 

  • Pepper spray 
  • Keychain 
  • Taser
  • Personal Alarms 
  • SipChip 

It is necessary to be equipped with all self-defense techniques to overcome high-intensity situations. No matter what type of self-defense or combat class you take, practicing makes you react well at the right time.