7 Mistakes we make when we have zits

7 Mistakes we make when we have zits
Discovering acne, pimples or what is popularly known as ‘zits’ is like a nightmare come true. We strive to get clear and flawless skin by using tons of products in the market but there are times when nature does get the better of us. Here are few things we do wrong when we find ourselves...

Just dance and be happy

Just dance and be happy
Most of the people love dancing. Dancing is a passion for many of us. Dance is a beautiful thing, which brings different communities together from different parts of the world. Dance helps you to express your creativity. While dancing, people feel happy and free from any problem or tension. Dance is not just a...

Why dandruff, how to get rid of it?

Dandruff….a major embarrassing problem faced by both men and women causing scratchy scalps and uncomfort side effects. Women with oily hair and unconditioned or unhealthy hair have the higher risk of dandruff. The itching flakes are just dead skin cells caused by many facts such as dry skin, over-growth of yeast-like fungus and skin...

7 Foods to Accelerate Hair Growth

Hair trends keep changing day and night. Say what may long or short these foods on a daily routine will accelerate your hair growth. Fortunately, this is the season for long hair, so let’s embrace it! Are you a seafood person? You are going to love this! Oysters Sources of many minerals and nutrients for the human...

Top 8 less than 100 calorie snacks

Less than 100 calorie snacks
When you're on a healthy diet, portion control and keeping a count of one's daily calorie intake is very important. So how do you keep a count on the calories of the different types of food and in between snacks that you consume in a day? Here are a few ideas on snacking in...

5 Tips to Get Your Hair Color to Last Longer

5 Tips to Get Your Hair Color to Last Longer
After debating for weeks, you finally got your hair colored. Now after spending so much money on getting your hair done, you need to take certain steps to ensure that the hair you’ve got done doesn’t fade and get washed away. Here are some tips to make that bright color last long: Shampoo and condition-Don’t...

Grin and Bare It

Grin and Bare It
Women, the most beautiful creation of God, needs to look at their best each time they step out of house. Hence, the growth and visibility of hair in different body areas is a serious no-no issue for the women. The mission is to remove the unwanted hair from their body. However, the trigger is...

Gaining weight a challenge during teenage

Gaining weight a challenge during teenage
Being overweight as well as underweight are problematic issues faced by teenagers. These days, a lot of teens face the problem of being underweight. They try hard to gain weight and for this they indulge in a lot of activities. They get involved in gymming, exercising, swimming, weight lifting, dancing and many more. Looking...

Dancing- does it help to reduce stress?

- Dancing- does it help to lower stress?
Due to the hectic schedule and the commitment to provide everything for our family we continuously work. This struggle of living a rich and luxurious life decrease our sleep time and thus increases stress. There is a standard of living and an expectation in our lives which we try to meet up, but never...

5 Most Common Mistakes Made While Making Soup

5 Most commonly mistakes made while making soup
As simple as soup sounds to be made, it can get quiet tricky. It just doesn't involve you dumping a lot of vegetables in a pot. The temperature, the seasoning, the order in which the ingredients are added etc… all make a difference to the end product. Here are the top 5 mistakes that most...

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