10 Things in your House that you need to Get Rid of

We are constantly looking of ways to clean our house and throw out our old stuff that we do not use anymore. We sort through our wardrobes, the garage and even attic. But we often tend to overlook certain objects that are actually creating a clutter in our homes. Some of them you tend to intentionally keep because it’s hard for you to let go and the rest just exist as excess.

If you’re still scratching your head wondering what it is that you missed then just have a look at the list below:

1. Chipped crockery

How often have we not thrown away a chipped cup or plate with the reason of it being a favorite and the fact that you’ve had it for years? It’s time to throw away all that chipped crockery. They occupy too much space and as a matter of fact clutter it. Throw away all those chipped and broken crockery that cannot be put to use anymore.

2. Coat hangers

Before we notice, the number of hangers in our closet multiplies to the dozen. What happens is that when we get back our laundry we get a pair of hangers, which remains till the next batch of laundry gets back.  Recycle or throw away all these extra coat hangers.

3. Medicines

Do not forget to periodically check your medicine cabinet for expired medications and vitamins. Unless you want to threaten your health do not consume old medicines and vitamins.

4. Outdated technology

A lot of us have shelves full of outdated technology ranging from old mobile phone, broken television remotes, desktops, VCR’s and the list goes on. If you are sure that you will not use a device again then please make sure you drop it off at the recycling collection center or at environmentally friendly disposal centers

5. Fire extinguishers and alarms

Over time the fire alarms get clogged with dirt, dust and grime. Get these firefighting appliances serviced or even better replace them. You cannot afford to be stingy in terms of safety measures.

6. CD’s, DVD’s and books

All of us have a book shelf full of books, CD’s and DVD’s. We won’t watch them again or read them again and yet we hold on to them. It is better to donate old books, DVD’s and CD’s to libraries.

7. Pillows and mattresses

Pillows and mattresses get old after a point of time, no matter how expensive they are. So if you feel that your pillow is not holding its shape and your mattresses have started getting lumpy, it’s time to get it replaced.

8. Makeup

Do you have tones of makeup that you don’t use? Do you have a stash of expired makeup? If yes, then please throw them away and make space for other useful stuff in your dressing table.

9. Paper files

Without realizing it, we tend to accumulate a lot of papers and files. Throw away all those that you don’t need. Shred it before these old files head to the recycling center.

10. Damaged furniture

We keep a lot of furniture in our stores and attic or even the basement with the hope of repairing in the future. Do not store things that you will never use again. Instead donate all this excessive furniture to a charitable organization and let them benefit from your old furniture.

Do not stop to think. Just get rid of it and see how your home gets uncluttered in minutes.