15 Jun 2024

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Benefits of Oil Pulling 

In an era of new-age trends and practices, the world is still buzzing about something very old which is none other than Oil Pulling! It is also known as Gandusha which offers health benefits, prevents certain diseases, and arms you with a camera-worthy smile. By…

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What are the Benefits of Dry Brushing 

Dry Brushing denotes gentle brushing on the skin to exfoliate the skin, stimulate the lymphatic system, and improve blood circulation. This cosmetic procedure is done with the help of a dry stiff-bristled brush. It is an ancient Ayurvedic method introduced in India. The practitioners still…

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Summer Hair Color Trends 

When it comes to hair coloring there are numerous shades to try which is rather confusing. New styles and shades come and go. Here are some of the hot shades which are going to be on trend this summer. Dirty Brunette It’s more of a…

Strong & Healthy

What is Mindfulness? 

Most of the time, your mind is wandering around the past or future rather than the present. It is full of stories, narratives, and thoughts happening at the moment. What is mindfulness? This is the practice of focusing more on the present moment again and…