21 May 2024

Beauty and Fashion

9 Ways to a Painless Bikini Wax 

Tired of razor burns yet want your bikini hair to be tamed down there? Then, you need a wax done. But what are the intricacies that go along with a bikini wax? There are plenty of dos and don’ts before and after waxing.  So, if…


What is Eyebrow Microblading? 

Are you fed up with filling your eyebrows? Do you want thick eyebrows without pencils and makeup? Then this method is the right solution for you. Microblading will save you from shaping your eyebrows often and retain the thickness for certain days. Read the blog…

Is gifting in office ethically correct

Is gifting in office ethically correct? 

As soon as festival season approaches, people start thinking about gifts to be bought for the near and dear ones. These days, gifts are not only given to the family members, relatives and friends but also colleagues and clients. In earlier times, the trend of…