09 Dec 2023

Eight Winter Tips for Healthy Living
Winter Tips

Eight Winter Tips for Healthy Living 

Let’s get ready for winter,Follow these winter tips and Say goodbye to winter flu! Winter is here! Are you ready to fight winter flu  and cold? Winter will be tough if you don’t get prepared for it. In order to maintain your immune system this…

Top 5 homemade gifts for Christmas
Lifestyle Hacks

Top 5 Homemade Gifts For Christmas 

If you want to add that extra bit of love in your gifts to your loved ones, nothing can beat making them at home, crafted by your own hands.Personalized gifts not only add that extra touch of love, but also help in saving that extra…

The Best Jeans for Your Body
Style N Fashion

The Best Jeans for Your Body 

Many women love wearing jeans because they are stylish and comfortable. Irrespective of the body shape, every woman can flaunt her style in a pair of perfect-fitting jeans. Most of us have the habit of trying different styles of jeans until we find the right…

Things you should never say to your teenage kids

Things you should never say to your teenage kids 

Parenting is a tricky game and it has become more critical and complex when you have teenage kids at home. Teenagers understand everything you speak and everything you do. Often parents have to be very careful during communication with teenagers. Talking to teenagers without conflict…

Mistakes We Make While Applying Eyeliner

5 Mistakes We Make While Applying Eyeliner 

Eyeliner makeup might be a small cosmetic, but it adds more definition to your face. It highlights the eyes by either making them look smaller or bigger. Eyeliner is a simple tool but not easy. One must have eyeliner techniques, skills, and patience, especially, to…