Generally, we recycle clothes, paper, or containers but cosmetics? Whenever a cosmetic product goes empty, we usually throw it inside the bin. Have you ever thought about reusing beauty products? 

Our environment is dumped with plastics and other wastes which are leading to pollution. In such cases, we might seek ideas to recycle old cosmetics rather than dumping them in a bin. 

Cosmetic companies focus on beautifying people by dirtying mother earth. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), nearly 35 million tons of plastic waste are generated in the US and only 3 million tons are recycled. Not every product comes with eco-friendly cosmetics disposal. But some beauty product company provides eco-friendly beauty products to reduce waste.

Sustainable beauty routine

Cleaning the whole cosmetic mess from the environment is not easy, but we can reduce it by recycling it. In sustainable products, from ingredients to packaging only organic items are used. 

By following the sustainable beauty routine we can lessen the harm done to the earth. In sustainable products, from ingredients to packaging only organic items are used.

Start from scratch 

Initially, we can start by segregating empty cosmetics into recyclable and non-recyclable materials. Things that can be recycled are glass bottles, plastic bottles, Metal bottles, Cotton swabs, and aerosols. Non-recyclable materials are make-up wipes, nail color bottles, make-up brushes, concealer tubes, and liquid makeup tubes. Divide it accordingly before putting them into a cover.

Take a small sealed bag to put the empty cosmetics. Before doing so, take a paper towel and wipe out the containers. Ensure no smudges are left in the containers. 

Reusing beauty products

Now it is time to check if any cosmetic companies or beauty stores in your area accept empties.

Many retailers conduct special programs, where you can bring your empty cosmetics and get them recycled. Also, check if any retailers are available online or else you can call and ask if they can accept the empties.

Buyback programs conducted by beauty product retailers can empty the empty cosmetics.

Or else, You can sign up for TerraCycle a leading waste management company where that recycles the empties. You can sign up for Terracycle in your country and post it for free at your local recycling store. Some popular cosmetic brands also conduct recycling programs.

Zero-waste beauty solutions

Though we have many options for reusing beauty products, we refuse to do.

Dumping the waste somewhere else won’t give a solution. These are some measures that can be taken to reduce usage such as

Environmentally-conscious beauty choices

Select beauty products that go hand in hand with nature. For instance glass packaging, Stainless steel containers, cornstarch packaging, aluminum packaging, etc.

Switch to environmentally friendly beauty products

 Buying a refillable product can be the best solution to this issue. These days many companies are moving towards refillable containers to avoid plastic waste. Many brands like French Diptyque, Bathing Culture, and Nature have introduced refillable beauty products.