5 Ways to Add a Touch of Romance to your Meal

Have the sparks disappeared from your relationship? Do you guys just finish your dinner glued to the television screen? Do you want to spend a romantic dinner at home with your loved one? Whatever the reason for having a romantic dinner at home, there are a few elements that are a must-have to set...

5 Relationships that are best not entered into

5 Relationships that are best not entered into
We all enter relationships to feel loved and happy. What we expect out of our relationships is a far call away from what we actually land up with. The society that we live in has brought us up with the thought process that all is a bed of roses and there is a prince...

A Live-In – Does It Help Your Relationship?

A Live-In – Does It Help Your Relationship?
Marriage is one of the oldest institutions of our society and has been practiced since ages.  It is accepted in the society, families and cultures. But due to the changes in the society and a lot of western culture influencing today’s youth, the rage of ‘live in relationships’ is increasing in metro cities. They...

Best And Worst Foods for Sex

food for sex
The food you eat has a great connection between health and even sex.  It is also linked that if you want to have a good sex life, then you should take care of your heart. Researchers have said that in order to feel the arousal in your genitals, the body needs good blood flow....

Working out with your partner renews the relationship

Working out with your partner renews the relationship
Working out with your partner renews the relationship..! Exercising is a good thing to do. And when you have your boyfriend with you even at the gym, Boy! Do you get motivated or what? It is said that couples who sweat out together stay together. Is it really true? Let’s find out. Who do you want...

Have she Fallen IN LOVE…here are few body language symbols to detect!

In the event that you've at any point been around ladies, you'd see they jabber and not constantly through words. Women frequently act out through non-verbal communication and on the off chance that you can make sense of the signs plainly, you can make sense of the ladies as well. Be that as it may,...

Boyfriend Tracker- An app that lets lou keep tabs on your man

Boyfriend Tracker App That Lets You Keep Tabs on Your Man
With the massive development in the technology, in this era of smartphones, it is not at all difficult to do things at a touch. Video, chats, images, health, kids, business, shopping and many other applications are common now. Many interesting applications can surprise you. Can you believe that you can even keep a track on...

How Adhere to a Committed Relationship

Two words, ‘committed’ and ‘relationship’ have acquired newer nuances in present times. Dictionary meanings of both words remain same as before, but their combination together throws varied notions to modern minds. Being pledged or bound to certain course is the commitment. Other implied notion denotes long term emotional relationship. The idea of relationship includes...

How to become an ideal guest?

How to become an ideal guest
Inviting guests for a brief stay is a common scenario. Usually, weekends and special occasions is the best time to invite guests for a couple of days. Though, hosts invite their near and dear ones with a lot of love but some guests become a real nuisance. If you have been invited to be...

How to Dump a Guy without Hurting his Feelings

How to Dump a Guy without Hurting his Feelings
Break ups are tough, especially if you are one that’s calling it off. You want to break the relationship, yet you don’t want it to end bitterly. Here are a few tips to help you break it smoothly to him: Do it in person-Have the decency to break the news to him in person. How would...

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