How to win your ex-boyfriend back?

win your ex-boyfriend back
Want to have your ex-boyfriend back? There are many things that can be done to win his mind and get your boyfriend back. Think about the reason why he should want you back. If you are serious, you need to put in the effort in a relationship. Don’t make him realize that you are so fond of him,...

How To Become A Magnet For Friends

How to become a magnet for friends
Who does not like to have more friends? Having true friends is one of the wonderful things in your life. A true friend is one with whom you can laugh and cry, and share lots of things. You can share your problems with them. It is very important to have caring friends. But you...

Is it fine to be friends with Ex

Is it fine to be friends with Ex
We invest too much in a relationship and it is true that when it gets over, it is often hard to move on and even if we have, some glimpses, incidents or moments continue to be with us, sometimes for a small period or may be forever. In such an instance, it is always...

How to Dump a Guy without Hurting his Feelings

How to Dump a Guy without Hurting his Feelings
Break ups are tough, especially if you are one that’s calling it off. You want to break the relationship, yet you don’t want it to end bitterly. Here are a few tips to help you break it smoothly to him: Do it in person-Have the decency to break the news to him in person. How would...

10 Things That Women Did Not know Turn Off Men

10 Things that women did not know turn off men
Most of the time women don’t realize it when they turn- off men. It can be simple stuff that you think don’t matter at all. Guys don’t like to discuss these issues. So read on to find out the top 15 things that can really annoy a guy. Too much perfume-Men love their women to smell...

Bring the lost magic back to your love life

Bring the lost magic back to your love life
It is often said that the ‘love flame’ dies after you have kids. But it is not true.  You can bring the lost magic back to your love life. Newly become parents are often stressed and sleep deprived as they are coping up with the changes around them. Parents are emotionally and physically tired...

5 known advantage of using online dating apps

online dating
Online dating app is a form of mobile dating and it is specifically designed for Smartphone users. Instead of being limited to your desktop, this app makes it easy to make connections from individuals residing around the globe. It is easy and fun to find a last minute date whenever you want. You can...

Signs to check for if your long distance relation is breaking down

long-distance relation
Long distance relationships are difficult to maintain mainly because the couple loses touch. Initially the couple misses each other a lot and craves to be with each other. However in long distance relationships these feelings are short lived. As you meet newer people and make new friends the relationship takes a back seat. Love...

How to Spice Up Your Romance Life

How to Spice Up Your Romance Life
Romance is the sweetest desirable part of everyone’s life. It infact acts as a lubricant in sustaining our marriage life. However, care should be taken that it is not taken for granted. In our marriage life we should make it a point that we are attending to our partner and their needs are fulfilled....

A Live-In – Does It Help Your Relationship?

A Live-In – Does It Help Your Relationship?
Marriage is one of the oldest institutions of our society and has been practiced since ages.  It is accepted in the society, families and cultures. But due to the changes in the society and a lot of western culture influencing today’s youth, the rage of ‘live in relationships’ is increasing in metro cities. They...

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