9 Habits You Must Change During Periods!

We can say those 4-6 days in every month are the worst moments that we pray must pass fast. Though the time sees miserable and painful, it’s important to stay healthy and hygienic. So, today you’re gonna see few tips to avoid while you stay on your menstrual cycle. Menstrual cramps are indeed painful,...

10 Ways to Recycle your Kids Old Stuff

  Before we realize it we land up with a closet full of old clothes, toys and other trinkets of our kids. Some even carry a lot of sentiments due to which we never part with them and land up filling our homes with a lot of old stuff. Here is how we can recycle your kids...

5 Tricks to Make Fresh Flowers Last Longer

5 Tricks to make fresh flowers last longer
Flowers are a great way to decorate a room. Apart from lending a great appearance to the room, they also give a wonderful fragrance that takes to another place altogether. Fresh flowers are great. But once they are cut to be used for improving the decor they lose their life. Fresh flowers will last for...

How to Make Nail Polish at Home

Have you often scouted the market for a shade of nail polish that matches your dress? Don’t fret. You can make the desired shade of nail polish with just a few simple ingredients. Here’s what you need: Eye shadow – of the desired color Sandwich bag Small mixing bowl Brush Clear nail polish How to make nail polish at home: If your eye...

7 Creative uses of Post-it Notes

7 Creative uses of post-it notes
We all have a stash of post-it notes to jot down stuff especially around the telephone or on the refrigerator. Don’t undermine the use of these sticky notes, they come handy in more ways than you can even think of. Here are some fun and creative uses of these tiny paper bits: 1. Mark cables Differentiate between...

How to Make Body Butter with Just Three Ingredients

How to make body butter with just three ingredients
Women have every right to pamper themselves; especially after the demanding lives they lead every day. Most of us turn to store bought ingredients for our skin care. The fact is that even the most natural skin care product does contain chemicals.Body butter will nourish your skin and make you feel all girly instantly.Here...

How to Make a Bird Feeder for Your Garden by Yourself

How to make a bird feeder for your garden by yourself
When you have a garden it will be nice if you have birds visiting it. The chirping of the birds will soothe those stressed out nerves of yours.So to attract the birds we have to feed them. You can’t just sprinkle bird feed all over the garden. Not only will the bird feed look...

Make Hair Removal Wax at Home

Make Hair Removal Wax at Home
Waxing has been practiced in for centuries, especially in the Middle East. Men love their women free to hair. No wonder the practice has stuck till date.Every woman loves to head to a salon to get waxed. But then if you’re broke or can’t get an appointment at your salon, don’t worry. You can...

How to Make Play Dough for Your kids at Home

How to Make Play Dough for Your kids at Home
Every home in the country with a child in it has to have play dough. Play dough allows kids to be creative and most important of all, keep them busy and away from the television. You can make your own play dough at home, which can be finished in three simple steps.So what do you...

How to Make your Silver Jewellery Shine like New

How to Make your Silver Jewellery Shine like New
Do you have a box of unused tarnished silver jewelry lying in your drawer waiting to be polished?Do not spend money on unnecessary expensive silver polishes when you can get the same results with a few ingredients found in your own kitchen. What you need: Boiling Water – 1 cup Vinegar – ½ cup Salt – 1 tablespoon Aluminum...

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