5 Outdated Rules of Dating that should be Broken

5 Outdated rules of dating that should be broken
Romance is not what it used to be like in the past. But we still follow the age old rules of dating from the period where getting at 20 was the right age for women to get married. The way we date, the way we interact etc… have all changed. We no longer send...

6 Fun Ideas for a Date on an Empty Pocket

  Are you almost broke and have a date lined up with your sweetheart this weekend? Are you wondering how to take her out without spending a dime and yet have the time of your life? Don’t worry too much. Here is a list of how you both can have fun without spending much: 1. Beach The beach...

5 Ways not to Dress yourself on a First Date

First dates are really crucial especially when you like the person and want it to be the first of many more such meetings. Of course you can counter attack my statements by saying that looks isn't everything. But let me tell you that no matter what reason you may have against dressing up, the...

5 Things Men lie about in their Dating Profiles

5 Things men lie about in their dating profiles
So you are checking out men on dating portals online. It is common for people to lie on these websites. As a matter of fact research has shown that almost 70% of the people lie on some aspect or the other.There are some areas where men hide the fact more than others. Age This is the...

Outdoor Dating ideas

Outdoor ideas
Importance of dating Love the word brings fragrance of romance, the relationship which makes way of sharing the beautiful moments between a boy and girl when they like each other very much. Dating is one of most important and inseparable part when a couple is deep into the relationship. However, the concept is now different....

Should You Stop Dating After a Tragic Break-up

Dating after a tragic break-up
Should You Stop Dating After a Tragic Break-up Breakup! At least someday you might have faced this terrible time because of which you are here for some guidance. A breakup is always bitter, disturbing, and stressful. Different people will tell you different things to get over it, but yes! Unless you give yourself some time...

How to Deal With a Jealous Friend Who Doesn’t Have a Boyfriend

Deal With a Jealous Friend
Jealousy is a curious emotion. It can be like a two-edged sword that can cut through the most strongest of bonds between two people while at the same time, a complete lack of it might make you doubt if your partner cares for you or values your relationship at all. Jealousy often stems from...

Points to consider while dating a divorced man

Points to consider while dating a divorced man
Divorce is a crucial and the most difficult time for a couple. In simple words, a divorce is a termination of the relationship with all legal formalities. Divorce can be very difficult phase  as it affects everyone related to the relationship. It affects the financial condition of the couple, children, parenting responsibilities, living arrangement...

Things that are strictly no-no when going out for first date

If not dated for quite a while, first date can turn out to be awkward of embarrassing. It has been aptly said, “first impression is the last impression”. This adage completely holds true with first dates. Being well prepared never does any harm. Preparation will always help as one never knows what direction first...

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