‘Ego’ the word seems simple right, but do you know it can kill your happiness? Yes, those three letters do possess a unique talent that has the potential to ruin your life. Now you may wonder how do I know if I have ego and is egoism a personality. Let us give you a gist of what ego means. Below listed are the signs of highly egoistic people. 

Egoistic person characteristics

  • Do you seem to be behind materialistic stuff all the time? Let’s say, for illustration, that you recently purchased a new pair of shoes.  The same pair of shoes were purchased by your friend, but in a different color. You now regret the one you purchased and decide to purchase the same shoes as your pal. This hypothesis also holds true for those who are constantly on the lookout for new items and who experience dissatisfaction even after obtaining what they wanted. 


  • People frequently engage in gossip and take pleasure in hearing it. However, are you going too far? For instance, do you excuse your mistakes at work by blaming others? If so, your ego is being stroked. Even though they are aware of their error, many people start complaining about others to feel better about themselves and to convince themselves that they are innocent of any wrongdoing.


  • Are you the type of person who feels humiliated when you lose? Are you not persuaded by the adage “winning and losing is part of the game?” We all want to win at all costs. However, it is evident that you have an egoistic trait when you lose your competitive spirit throughout a game. We should be aware that we are not capable of triumphing every time. We must accept the fact that just as happiness and sadness are natural parts of life, so are success and failure. 


  • You should be aware that having no ability to listen to others is also a sort of ego if you are one of those people. There may have been numerous instances of people not allowing others to speak or provide an explanation. This is due to their belief that their speech is more significant than the other part. They also consider other people to be less intelligent and inferior than themselves.


  • Together, you and your team have achieved success. If you are someone who places all the credit for a job that has been done collaboratively on themselves, this is also a form of ego. This is due to your mistaken belief that you have contributed more to success than your teammates while also failing to see that you cannot succeed on your own. This is one of the signs you have a big ego. 


  • Do you find it hard to admit that you are wrong when you are actually wrong? This is one of the signs you have a big ego. We need to learn to take up the blame when it’s really our fault. In this way, we can be true to our conscience as well as to the people around us. 


  • Some individuals are so brilliant at offering advice, yet they never take it themselves. Hypocrites are what we call those folks. If you belong to this group, you need to change your mindset because it won’t help you advance in life.