Quick Fix for Your Chipped Nails

How many times have you chipped our nails just after a manicure? Did you chip your nails washing dishes or typing away furiously on the keyboard?Whatever the reason, a chipped nail can cause as much pain as a heart break.

Here are 3 ways to fix those chipped nail that almost all manicure artists swear by:

Patch it up

  1. This is the most hardest as you now have to get your chipped nail to blend in with the other nails. Using a cotton swab or ear bud wipe of the polish from the chipped off area. Apply a thin coat of nail polish and when it dries apply a top coat, not forgetting to put seal it at the top.
  2. Make sure you sure the same shade of polish as the rest of your nails.

Clip or file it

  1. This is the method that is least appreciated. No one wants to reduce the size of their long nails. If it is a small chip, this method works just fine.
  2. File or trim the area where the nail has chipped off and reduce the size of the remaining nails to match the affected nail. Finish off by painting a clear coat on all the nails, especially at the top. This is meant to act as a cap or seal, to prevent future chipping off.

Dress it up

  1. This is by far the easiest method to cover up a chipped nail. You can use glitter, stones or even a colorful French tip. Add that fun element to your nails by using metallic shades and even sticking on some stickers. Be adventurous!

So if you have just ruined the manicure you got done, hide it using these quick fixes.