Eyeliner is an everyday essential for most makeup lovers. It brings on all color and fun whether you need to go bold or attain a natural look. But taking it off before you go to bed is not so fun. The area around the eyes is the most sensitive part of the face. So, you should remove the waterproof eyeliner before going to sleep to avoid inflammation. How do you get waterproof eyeliner off easily? There are a lot of methods to remove eyeliner safely. Read along to know more about waterproof eyeliner removing tips

4 Ways to Remove Eyeliner 

Clogging and inflammation are very common when the eyeliner sticks to your eyes for a long time. In some instances, allergies like eye redness, dark marks, and tearing are visible in women. Hence, it is necessary to handle the area near the eye gently with care. Some of the waterproof eyeliner removing tips are mentioned below. 

1. Eye Makeup Remover 

You can choose a makeup remover that is suitable for the type of eyeliner you use. Add a few drops of makeup remover to a cotton pad. Later, close your eyes and gently dab the pad on the eyeliner for around 10 to 20 seconds. Then lightly rub the pad to remove the eyeliner. Make sure to erase your eyeliner completely and use a cleanser on the face. 

2. Makeup Removal Wipes 

You can select fragrance-free and alcoholic facial wipes to remove waterproof eyeliner. It is better to choose a wipe that is specially made for your eyes. Try to use the edge of the makeup removal wipe on your eyelashes. 

You must change the wipe tip on each eye to prevent the transfer of dust particles. Also, don’t pull the skin too much because it causes wrinkles. At last, you need to clean your face with the usual cleanser. 

3. Petroleum Jelly 

It is essential to choose a trusted brand of petroleum jelly for your eyes. Take a small portion of petroleum jelly on a cotton swamp and run it to your eyelash base. After a few seconds, you can wipe the eyeliner easily. In case, if any petroleum jelly enters your eyes, clean them with warm water. You can use a gentle cleanser to rinse your face after removing the eyeliner. 

4. Natural Oils

Our waterproof eyeliner removing tips will be incomplete if we don’t talk about the benefits of oils. Several oils such as olive oil, coconut oil, and jojoba oil help take off eyeliner. The natural ingredients in this oil moisturize the skin around your eyes. 

You can massage the oil over closed eyelids using your fingertips. Then wait for ten seconds and use a cotton pad to clean the eyeliner easily. Never scrub your eyelids to prevent fine lines and wrinkles. Finally, you must rinse your face with water to remove the oil traces. 

Apart from these, micellar water, adding cleanser, using tissue, and more are other effective ways to remove waterproof eyeliner safely. Sometimes, the frequent use of makeup removers results in eye redness and discomfort. Hence, it is easy to wash the area around the eyes after using them.