21 Jan 2021

Category: Lifestyle Hacks

cleaning your house
Cleaning & Decor Ideas

How to clean your house in 30 min 

Do you think that cleaning house is a gargantuan task? Believe me, it is not such a time-consuming undertaking. Just get organized and you can finish this task within half an hour. Yes, by prioritizing the things and incorporating a few knacks will help you…

foods that boost bad mood
Food and Recipes

Foods that boost any type of mood 

Are you feeling irritable, anxious? Looking for ways to lift your mood? Do you know that snacking right can make your mood? Yes, a few food items work as mood boosters. So, eating when you are in a bad mood can lower your stress, anxiety…

Checking out your obsession levels for your pet

Checking out your obsession levels for pet 

Being a die hard pet lover does not bring any harm. But when this passion turns out to be an obsession, then it affects the psychological state of the person. Pet lovers often have no control over their feelings when they keep their pets with…

Home & Kitchen

Terrariums Natural Habitat for your Niche! 

  Gardens are the best place to be at in any state of mind! Beautiful trees, creepers, blossoming flowers, birds chirping around, is a completely delightful sight to please your mind and soul. After spending long exhausting working hours at your workplace, a short walk…