Lipstick under a mask? 

COVID-19 has distanced itself from severity, and the world seems to be back on track. But it is still around the corner, and be mindful of this fact.

With the COVID-19 situation, stepping out with a mask has become a part of our being. Even though the face mask covers a major surface of the face, keeping makeup away from the routine will be a big no-no for any makeup lover out there. Most of the time, the lipstick worn under the mask can smear and create a big mess. It will transfer to the face mask and eventually to your face, leaving lipstick in places you don’t want it. The smeared lipstick might also lead to breakouts, with the emollients remaining for a longer period on the skin. Here are tips to prevent lipstick from smudging and bleeding. 

  • Stains

If you are looking for a flush of color on your lips and you want it to last throughout the day, then lip stain is for you! Lip stain comes in different variants, like water-based, lip oils with tints, and even lipsticks infused with lip stains. Lip stains have enough pigmentation to stick to the lips and not budge for a longer period. These stains are not just long-lasting but also transfer-proof and mask-proof.

  • Matte is your mate!

Generally, matte lipsticks are long-wearing and will stay put. As the mask might rub against your lips when you talk, that is when lipsticks tend to transfer to the face mask. Matte lipsticks might not move around as it dries down on the surface of the lips, making it the best kind of lipstick to wear under the mask. To prevent lipstick from smudging, go matte!

  • Dry and ready

Ensure to take off the lip balm on your lips before lipstick application. The lip balm that might remain on your lips can make your lipstick slide off and move it around. When your lips are dry (not chapped), the lipstick will sit right on the surface of your lips. Applying lip balm is essential to hydrate and nourish your lips before applying lipsticks. Apply your lip balm before you start your face makeup application. This way, you will give your lips enough time to moisturize.

  • Non-transfer

Brands are now coming up with new formulas where lipsticks do not have a matte finish but are glossy and stay put once it dries down. It would apply like a gloss at first and will dry down to be transfer-proof.

  • Less is more

Apply a lesser quantity, and take off the excess by pressing your lips against a tissue. The excess that remains on the lips is most likely to transfer to the face mask, even if it is a matte lipstick. Keep it minimal, and there will be less for the face mask to catch on and wipe away.

  • The dab trend

The trend of turning your lipstick matte with a piece of tissue and some loose powder will also come in handy. Apply any creamy or creamy matte lipstick, take a tissue and place it on top of your lips. Pick some loose powder on your brush, and dust it on the tissue covering your lips. This method will also prevent lipsticks from smudging. 

  • Avoid gloss

Lip gloss has a satiny finish. It can transfer onto your face mask. If you want to achieve juicy and plump lips under your mask, go for a matte metallic lip topper. The gloss does the job of reflecting light, and it makes your lips look glossy. The tiny shimmer particles in the metallic topper will do a similar job of reflecting light but will settle matte.

If you keep wondering about how to keep lipstick from smudging under the mask, try out our methods. We got you. Nothing can stop you from wearing lipsticks, not even covid.