Raising a child calls for the involvement of both parents, with each of them partaking and splitting the responsibilities. The lives of women have revolved around domestic activities for a long time. The modified societal structure allows women to pursue what they desire, with men taking over the domestic chores and taking care of children. Men who father children and prioritize that over their career and progress are exposed to a few struggles. The hurdles they must cross are discussed in this blog. 

Responsibilities by oneself

If you are wondering, what are the duties of a stay-at-home dad? In some cases, the stay-at-home dad supports with household chores and maintains and looks after the children. The man will be the only person to balance the responsibilities in the partner’s absence. Being the sole person held responsible for maintaining order can be quite a struggle. 

Financial dependence

The stay-at-home dad might have to depend on his partner’s earnings to manage any of his needs. It might be a tough call if the dad was making his earnings and is now in the position to manage the responsibilities on his home front under the circumstances. There might even fall restrictions in any self-splurges. 


The thoughts that people perceive about the societal structure and norms are evolving but certainly not complete. The stay-at-home dad might face criticism and judgements for his choice. It can potentially add up to the mental challenges of stay-at-home dads. It can give them thoughts that they don’t belong in the home front and take an upper hand in the responsibilities. There might even be a compulsion to be a part of the chosen profession, and not to heed the needs of his family entirely.

Drop in self-confidence

A stay-at-home would have to place his passion, profession, and anything else that he is and make his presence at home. Though the father will have his dad duties, the transition from his professional duties to responsibilities at his home front might impact his confidence in his abilities. It can be one of the challenges of stay-at-home dads.

New to responsibilities

The dad might have taken part in the responsibilities, but to take it full-fledged in all areas can be quite a task. It might be even the case, where the dad is in the position to take up chores he is not familiar with or has any experience in. Taking up newer responsibilities can be quite a task, and transitioning into it can take some time for the dad. 

Constant clock ticks!

Stay-at-home dads might have one duty after the other to run after and get done. When one has a work front, there will be separate days to rest and one winds up back to work again. The need for a stay-at-home dad is around the clock to take care of the child and chores despite it being a holiday. They might not have any time for themselves to relax and have a break to bounce back to work. It can seem quite tiring at times and even monotonous eventually. 

Tips for stay-at-home dads

Set a routine for yourself

When you are staying home and completing your chores, make a routine for yourself and the tasks to be done. Give yourself a small reward every time you complete a task. Your favourite show or your favourite meal could be it. 

Do not confine!

You can still go out, have fun or meet new people when you get some time. You do not have to confine yourself within the four walls of your household with your responsibilities. Take a walk, take some fresh air, breathe, and refresh while taking care of your duties.

It is important to accept the changes that occur in society for the growth and betterment of the generations to come. Validating stay-at-home fathers and their contribution is crucial for maintaining balance and harmony in the family structure.