21 Jan 2021

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Makeup Hacks And Tricks
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Incredible Makeup Hacks 

Makeup or cosmetics can be counted as one of the favourite passions of women. Some ladies have a flair for buying and collecting valuable cosmetics, whether they may actually use it or just adorn their dressing tables. Some are very fond of makeup and are…

Menstrual hygiene- Tampons? Menstrual cups? Sanitary pads? 

Menstruation or say periods! These words are enough to put women in distress. Though it’s a part of biological processes, women don’t feel comfortable during their periods due to the physical and mental swings(please reword) they face in that period. The next reason would be…

Grandma's Beauty Secrets
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Grandma’s Natural Beauty Secrets 

It’s true that scientists and beauty experts keep researching innovative ideas and methods of beautification. These relate to the end products we can avail in the market in the form of cosmetics and gadgets. However, we cannot guarantee that products promoted as herbal can are 100%…