How to say no to colleagues

Sometimes, co-workers constantly asking for help become a nuisance. Such colleagues should be avoided but if there is no other option, one needs to learn the art of saying “no”. If you are unable to say no, you will find yourself trapped in situations that will soon become a noose for you. In every office, there are some people who just look for suitable candidates who can offload their share of work or take advantage of other people’s simplicity. One needs to learn diplomatic ways to say no to such people.

Following steps can help in this endeavor

  • Whenever your co-worker comes to you with his or her request, listen carefully and don’t say no without listening to the proposition made by him or her. Maybe, this colleague has come to you several times in the past seeking your help but it is always good to listen to what they have to say.
  • If you do not have time to help or you are simply fed up with such recurring situations, say no in as simple words as possible. A brief explanation can be offered to them just to be kind not because you owe them an explanation. This will give a clear indication to the colleague.
  • When saying no, it is very important to be quite respectful and gracious instead of being haughty or rude. Rejection of any request should always be done in a gracious manner as this will help you to stay friendly with your colleague in future. If you are not courteous, you may spoil your relationship with the colleague forever. This will create a negative environment in the office. It has often been seen that disgruntled co-workers start playing politics if they are refused in a rude manner. Thus, it is best to stay at friendly terms.
  • Once you have taken a decision to say no to your colleague, stick by it. Do not go back on world word as the co-worker will think that he can blackmail you emotionally any time he pleases to get his work done. Also, once you have gone back on your word, you will never be taken seriously in future. Another thing which is equally important is never to take any bribe in return of favor made by you. His will send wrong signals and you will find yourself working unofficially for your co-worker on the tasks he has been assigned.
  • Be prepared to face negative responses from the colleagues whom you have declined to help. This colleague can create troubles for you in the future. He can also play dirty politics and adopt backbiting tactics to put you down in front of your boss and other co-workers.
  • If a co-worker turns hostile, you need to stay calm and behave maturely. Once he will vent off his steam, he may realize that you are right and what he is expecting from you is wrong.

Following above steps is the best way of saying “no” to the colleague.