Why should you be a good listener to be a good parent?

Listening is a skill that is very important for every individual to develop. The process of communication is not complete unless a person pays attention on listening aspect too. Research conducted in this field proves that learning improves in a person if he or she is a good listener. The art of listening cannot be taught at school, it is a virtue that needs to be cultivated and developed. This is something that comes to us naturally. As per studies conducted in this field, listening is learned naturally and is a part of growing up and learning in school. This is one of the ways we interact with other people personally. According to estimates, 50 to 75 percent classroom time of the students is spent listening to their teachers, interacting with other students that involve listening and finally listening to audio media.

Scientists believe that parents can guide their children to learn the art of better and improved listening. People who have better listening skills have better focus and attention on details. They are also able to review and analyse information in a systematic and organised way. Parents can act as models for their children and help them realise the importance of good listening skills. Watching their parents listen to them attentively will also make children realise about this virtue. Parents can also advise their children on how to listen attentively or how to become an active listener. This way the children will be able to identify high points in a conversation and this way they can help them to become an active listener. Parents can also show their kids how an active listener is the one who looks in the eyes of the speaker when listening and this helps in capturing everything that is being spoken. When one has to listen to something with great focus, it is wise to turn off television or radio and avoid any outside interference.

In order to become a good listener, one needs to be attentive and interested in whatever is being said. Children can easily make out if their parents are listening to them or not. When your children are talking to you, it is important that you keep your mobiles and remote of the televisions aside. In order to ensure that you are paying 100 percent attention to what your kid is saying, it is important to have an eye contact with them.

Parents should encourage their kids to talk openly. You can ask them to talk about their day in the school, what they did, what they learned and more. This way, children will open up and share their feelings and ideas with you when they will realise that you are giving importance to their thoughts. One has to be very patient when listening to young kids as they are bubbling with excitement and they love to know that you are paying attention to everything that they say to you. Your patient listening will help your children to become good listeners when they grow up.