Top 10 gardening mistakes to avoid

Everybody loves to have a garden of their own, small or big. The idea of taking a stroll in well maintained and manicured garden with multi colored flower beds, various plants and trees always proves enchanting. A simple guideline to all garden lovers is required, before they embark upon executing their gardening skills.

Maintenance of the garden is a continuous activity. Some important dos and Don’ts would always help avoid common mistakes in this activity.

We shall list a few simple mistakes, which must be avoided

These are all arrived at by perusing the available literature, consulting experts and garden lovers and of course through trials.

  1. Improper garden spot: One should have knowledge of area requirements for a particular desired plant or tree to develop healthily. Wrong selection would result in stunted growth.
  2. Incompatibility of climate: Many times, some eye catching plants and saplings are selected for planting in own garden, without fully understanding the climatic needs of the selected species. Try to fully know favorable climate requirement and then only plant.
  3. Wrong depth of planting seeds:  Depth at which seeds are to be planted needs proper attention. If sown deeper than recommended depth, the seeds will take longer time to reach above soil level and may not have enough strength. If sown at shallow depths, the seeds can dry out faster and may fail to sprout.
  4. Non-maintenance of parity: Many a times equal treatment is given to all types of plants, trees and lawn in terms of soil replenishment or in providing fertilizers, organic or otherwise.  What is actually required is to know and understand correct amounts for individual species needs and act accordingly.
  5. Dense population: Plants need adequate space to grow naturally without inhibition. If plants are too closely bundled together, then they may not get enough sunlight or water or exposure to atmosphere.
  6. Under watering or over watering: Plants and trees need adequate amounts of water for healthy growth. Amount of water varies according to plant type, plant age, and season and soil parameters. Plants would parch or dehydrate in the absence of enough water. However, excess of water would also harm the plants. Hence two distinct patterns of watering, one for summer and another for winter have to be followed.
  7. Delay in pruning: Pruning is an important process in maintaining the right balance in growth of plants and trees in the garden. One must not delay or avoid cropping, clipping or trimming of plants in the garden.
  8. Negligence in removing weeds:  Weeds are best removed when they are young, meaning the weeds’ roots are small and can be uprooted without disturbing plant root network
  9. Non-application of available information: Tags from the nursery have sufficient information on them, in terms of plant’s requirements, as also bloom season or general dimensions of the fully grown plant. If this information is not applied at the time of planting the specimen, then it may end up with undesired results.
  10. The most important mistake is an Excessive DIY syndrome: All available knowledge must be made use of. Otherwise, things may turn out in a fiasco.

Once these simple mistakes are avoided, gardening will be a pleasure for everybody. Hence the dictum should be learned, apply, love and enjoy company of plant kingdom. They will never let you down. Avoid the above mentioned mistakes and get ready to have a beautiful garden now.