Tips for running

Running is the easiest and the most inexpensive form of exercise. This form of exercise shows good results in weight loss and building overall stamina. One can achieve a better body by practicing running, but the right technique of running needs to be practiced to avoid the sprained body parts and pain. The benefits of running are vast and doing it the correct way have tremendous effect on the body. May be running with the wrong technique have not shown any results on your body, but one day this wrong technique will take its toll on the body.

Here are simple tricks and techniques that can be followed while running to master the art of running


Most of the people look down while running, which leads to strain in the neck and back. The head should position straight for running and the person should look straight. Be focused on the road straight to avoid all injuries.


Sprinters know the right way to keep your shoulders. They should be very relaxed and should not be in the shrugged position. Relax shoulders at a lower level without any rigidness. This will increase the speed of running and you will have a great feel while running.


Never clench your fists tightly, because you are not in for a fight. Relax and don’t put pressure on them. Move them along with the body between the chest and the waist without any rigidness in the palms and arms. Free movements of the arms along with the body will be fun.

Upper body and Hips

Your upper body should be in the correct position with the head straight and the upper body low. The upper chest will automatically start losing the fat. The right position of your torso will have amazing results on the body. The back and the upper chest should be straight so that the hips will be in place automatically. Hips play a very critical role in the life of a sprinter as they are the center of gravity and not having them in the right position while running can slow a sprinter down.


Legs should be maintained at a high knee lift along with keeping a track of the breathing. People who are running to gain good endurance do not practice this technique as it may consume more energy. People who are running long distance have to divide their energy for the entire run, so it is always advised to take shorter and smaller strides. When sprinters practice a high knee lift technique they end up taking longer strides hence covering longer distances. Also high knee lift technique gives a bounce back feel to the sprinter.

These simple and basic techniques of running can have some extraordinary effects on the body and can avoid the chance of injuries due to some wrong body positions. Some other things also matter a lot apart from the techniques for running. The running surface, the correct footwear and attire, war up before the run, regularity in the schedule and the proper diet along with running will work together for great results.