7 Things you need to know about Bronzers

Bronzers are tools in your makeup kit that should be applied with care. If there is one makeup product that you should be scared about it is the bronzer. It can make or ruin your face. It has to be applied with great care.

Here are 7 tips that will help you to know about bronzers and apply them right:

1. Apply bronzer in figure 3

The rule to remember when applying bronze is to apply it in the figure three. Start from the temples of your forehead and move to your cheekbones and then lightly move down to the jawline or chin.

2. Bronzer is not be used on the entire face

A bronzer is not to be used for the entire face. If you want a natural glow, you should apply a bronzer only on the spots of your face where the sun hits it like the forehead, cheeks, nose and chin.

3. Contouring tool

If you don’t want to use blush, a bronzer can provide the natural glow along with contouring the cheeks. Just make sure it is a matte finished product if you want the right effect of contouring to be displayed.

4. Fake a nose job

If you have a large nose and wish for a slimmer nose, there is actually no reason to go in for a surgery. Simply brush your bronzer from the corner of your eye till the end of your nose and on the tip of the nose.

You will instantly experience a sharp and slim button nose.

5. Shimmer bronzer is not for oily skin

Shimmer bronze only makes your skin look oilier. So stick to matte finish bronzers or one with light glow to it.

6. Different formulas

Everyone has a formula that suits that skin type and usage. You have bronzers ranging from powder based ones to cream, gel, liquid and even mineral bronzers.

Powders are great for oily skin types and the gel and other liquid based options for the dry skin types.

7. Brush size matters

As much as you may be tempted to use the same makeup brush for all the different types of makeup products, it is not right. A bronzer brush should be soft and large. Using the same brush for different products will only result in botchy and streaky skin.