Stay Slim and Trim on Salads

If you avoid particular ingredients, like protein and dressing, you will be treated with skimpy salads generating hunger pangs. But, with a perfect blend of healthy mixes, you can reduce your weight safely and naturally.

  1. Dress your Salads with an Oil-base- Fat soluble nutrients are seen in the majority of vitamins.Most of the nutrients especially, Vitamin A, D, E and K are of this type. This will help your body absorb the vitamins only if there are some traces of fats being present in your body. So, basically a dressing that is free from fats is apparently counter intuitive. Iowa State University research found that population that is involved in eating the salads that are dressed with a base of either olive oil or canola, were blessed with blood reflecting higher carotenoids’ level.
  2. Greens get together-Different types of greens like ice berg, spinach, romaine, and radicchio adds up into the health and nutrients, its own unique advantages. For the optimized nutrition intake, mix all of these in a same bowl of in everyday routine. Apart from this, also keep in mind, you add some herbs like parsley and basil so your dish is fully loaded and uniquely flavored with antioxidants that keep away the diseases.
  3. Add Cheese-Cheese with low fat content if sprinkled in appropriate and mediocre quantities, helps the health conscious people burn fat and stay healthy. Being a rich calcium source, it helps in releasing the saturated fat quickly making you less hungry. Get parmesan, cut it into thin slices, add few cheese balls of creamy mozzarella or even cheddar cheese neatly shredded and grab a bowl full of strength.
  4. Count on Protein-No matter you opt for salmon of grilled chicken, tofu or edamame, seeds or nuts, proteins will always make you feel satisfied releasing extra fats. In order to keep a calorie check, stick onto a healthy size of consistent serving like a cup of beans which is quarter full or a ounce of flesh.
  5. Blend varieties of fruits and veggies-As per the study, it is known that minerals and vitamins contain solitary effects of synergistic. It means that, when they are combined and eaten together, they become even more powerful. So pack your salad box with as many different fruits and vegetables possible. Cucumbers, carrots, broccoli, strawberries, peas, different colored peppers, artichokes, pears, or raspberries are the beast selections to get in abundant fiber intake in attractive textures.
  6. Say no to croutons-To avoid combining your blood sugar with sharp spikes, avoid the intake of high glycemic load and croutons of white bread. Instead, let different veggies, seeds and nuts put an end to your cravings.