Life changing cooking tricks

With our hectic working lives and the fluctuating economic scenario; it’s advisable to be smart in the kitchen to avoid wastage of food and time. Hence, cooking wisely helps a great deal to relax mind, body and stimulate appetite.

Let’s start with the different ways in which cooking shrewdly makes cooking sound fun. Preparing a meal from scratch is soon going to be history if you could try out the few tricks mentioned below.

Lime and lemon are not cheap in today markets, therefore if there is any leftover lemonade, do not throw it away; instead freeze it and use it as ice cubes the next time your serve lemonade. So refreshing!! The same can be done with wines, just freeze leftover wines and use them for cooking when required. If any liquid food agent like stock or puree is about to expire; don’t worry, just place it in ice trays and freeze it; use it whenever required.

Has that bread been there many days now and you don’t want to eat it?? Well next time you can make that bread land up on your favorite fried foods as bread crumbs. Simply microwave the remaining bread you don’t intend to consume and after cooking powder it by either placing it in a bag and pound it with a spatula or use a powdering cup. Go ahead and enjoy your crispy chicken with homemade bread crumbs.

The citrus lovers can peel of the rind of citrus fruits by neatly making incision into the fruit skin all over and then peeling it off. No need to complain of broken nails anymore. These peels could be left to sun dry and when completely dried powered and used as a face pack. These are the enormous benefits of smart cooking.

For all you teetotalers and those living in places where alcohol is ban, well relax if you have to tenderize meat. Yes your stakes will still taste fine if you have no alcohol to marinate it. Instead try papaya pulp or yogurt or lime as a tenderizer. It works wonders to break down the tough collagen in the meat and makes is juicy and soft.

For the seafood lovers, yes there are some cooking tricks you can immensely benefit from in the long run. After cleaning shrimps, do not throw away the shells; instead sundry them and powder it. Use it as a taste maker on your pastas or pizzas to add a shrimp flavor, this is a great source of glucosamine that help your body joints to function well. The parts of fish like head, tail, back bone can to boiled with water, salt and or spices to make stock with can be stored in the fridge and used next time to add taste to your food.

It’s always better to eat healthy and live healthy. Try to avoid fried foods, instead microwave them and reap the benefits of the meals nutrients that are otherwise killed during frying. Also non stick pans can be used to replace deep frying pans to avoid extra consumption of oil. Best is to have more of BBQ as you can grill anything like fruits, meats, vegetables etc..