Congratulations!!! You are soon going to be a mother!!! You are now all set to enjoy the roller coaster ride of hormones, bizarre changes in the body and crazy cravings at odd timings. You also need to be well prepared to get bombarded by a lot of unsolicited advice which may be conflicting too. It is important to be aware about various myths and facts related to nutrition during pregnancy.

Some of the major myths are

Myth 1 and the Fact

  • Eating for two-This is one of the most common myths that every soon-to-be-mother has to face. Though, during pregnancy, a woman’s body needs extra nutrients like iron and calcium but by second trimester, there is no need to consume extra calories. Instead of eating extra, it is wiser to eat smarter. Shedding additional weight during pregnancy is very difficult to shed after delivery. Thus, instead of piling on unnecessary weight, it is better to eat nutritious things like fruits, vegetables and nuts.

Myth 2 and the Fact

  • Resting more than necessary-There was a time when pregnant ladies were advised to rest a lot by their doctors. Women used to spend a lot of time for entire forty weeks. Today, this myth has been busted and it has been proved that staying active during entire pregnancy is beneficial for health. Pregnancy should not be considered as an illness rather as a condition. Women who stay active throughout their pregnancy not only feel better but are also able to stay stress free. The chances of suffering from gestational diabetes also reduce considerably. Light exercises helps in normal delivery.

Myth 3 and the Fact

  • Fish should be canned-Pregnant women were advised to avoid eating tile fish, swordfish, shark and king mackerel. Instead, they should consume 12 ounces of fish (low mercury) every day. Many women are confused about which fish to be consumed and which fish to be avoided. As a result, they avoid eating fish altogether which is not good for the health of growing child in the womb of the mother. Fish is considered to be good for the verbal IQ and neuro development of a child. DHA or docosahexanoic acid is contained in a fish besides Omega 3 polyunsaturated fat which proves to be quite advantageous for the development of eye and brain of the child. DHA is also available in yoghurt and oranges besides fish.

Myth 4 and the Fact

  • Consumption of coffee must be avoided-Many doctors used to believe that consuming coffee may result in a miscarriage. Though, there is a fraction of truth in this matter but the possibility of something like this happening occurs only in those women who drink more than three cups of coffee with each cup having 8 ounce coffee. Thus over consumption of coffee must be avoided but stopping drinking coffee altogether is not necessary.

Having precise knowledge about the common myths regarding nutrition in pregnant women and relevant facts will help a woman to decide what she must consume during pregnancy and what she must avoid.