We see this every year. As fashion week descends and red carpets arrive, we get hit with multiple fashion trends. Hair color trends are a part of this, balayage, highlights, sun-kissed, bleached, glazed, dip-dye, frosting – the options are endless. Wondering what’s the best hair color for you? Trying to figure out the best hair color for skin tone chart? Finding and settling on a hair color trend among such varied options is a difficult task, therefore is advisable to look into expert tips for finding your best hair color. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you find your perfect shade.

Know Your Skin Tone and Understand Your Skin’s Undertone

We usually choose your hair colors based on your skin complexion/ tone. All skin tones fall between light, fair, medium, and dark shades. Based on these shades, hair color can be decided – but only to a certain extent.

Hair color experts recommend an easy way to find your perfect hair color shade – identify your skin’s undertone, then choose a hair color that neutralizes it. Skin’s undertone is of two variations – cool and warm. For example, if your skin has a warm undertone, choosing a hair color with a cool undertone will be the best option. 

Look Into Your Natural Hair Texture

Straight, wavy, curly, and everything in between! Your hair texture influences the final output of hair color. Frizzy, curly, or coarse hair tends to absorb more color, while straight, fine and medium textured hair absorbs less hair color. Therefore choose warm-toned shades like gold or bronze for curly hair and cool-toned shades like beige or ash blonde for straight hair. 

Do a Swatch Test

It is always advisable to test the hair color by applying it to small portions/ strands of your hair. Apart from preventing allergies and skin reactions, this will also help in knowing how the hair color will look after wash.

Understand the Hair Color Chart

Never trust the women in the ads or on the product box. Your hair color results are specific to your hair texture, natural hair color, level of bleaching, etc. Models who come in ads or pose for the product might have color-treated hair or have a natural hair color different from yours. So look into hair color charts to get an idea of how your hair type would look after applying a particular shade.

When in Doubt, Go for Golden Shades

Hair types and skin tones across the board can depend on one flawless color tone to look good “Gold”. Golden shades offer softness to your skin complexion. It is one shade you can blindly trust to give you an updated look.

And Finally,

While it does seem tempting to get the latest hair color trends, hair care is a must. Harsh color-treated hair makes it difficult to incorporate new colors. So healthily maintain your hair to stay on top of hair color trends. Another major benefit of taking good care of your hair is that you can hop on any coloring trend at any time!