How to be romantic in your 50s

Romance is the most important element that keeps any relation intact and for being romantic, there is no age limit. The life of any newly married couple is happening because of the level of romance in it. Many people complain that as they grow older or their marriage completes a certain time, it turns boring as the love and romance in their bond has vanished or faded with time. It is a myth that only youngsters can stay happy and romantic and can have that extra zing in their relationship.  It is said that this is the best age to rekindle your love. The time you get married is the best time for romance but as your life proceeds further, you have kids, they start going to school and you get busy shaping their life, you tend to ignore your partner and the romance in your relationship. People think that as they grow older, there is very little space for romance in their life but that’s just an alibi to hide behind those many responsibilities that one has on them with time. This is the best age when you don’t have any responsibilities of kids, work and other social responsibilities and you have all the time to give to your love and rework on your relationship with that romance in your life. This actually removes or lightens the pressure on both the men and women.

Also when people say that older men are hot, that is certainly the right thing mentioned in any book or website. Men are a little childish in their early age and take time to understand women. But when men are in their late 40’s and 50’s, they have had all the experience in their life and are aware of their responsibilities and the care with which a woman should be handled. This is the best age for a man to understand a woman better and know about their likes and dislikes. Also with all the experience of their lifetime, it becomes easier for them to woo any lady. It is also a truth that women fine older men hotter than men of their age.

Also when people talk being in their 50’s, it obvious that they might be having a nice and impressive bank balance and this certainly works as an added benefit in any relationship. Also the women become wiser when they come till this age.


The following can be tried to rekindle the romance in 50’s

  • Spend more time with your partner and do things that you both like to do.
  • Make plans and go out for trips that you may have actually not done due to those many responsibilities on you.
  • Go out on dates and movies and enjoy that special alone time with your loved one.
  • Plan surprises for each other which actually helps in keeping that spark in your relationship always.