Anxiety natural remedies

What is anxiety?

Anxiety is a certain state of mind where people can feel various feelings or disorders. People can feel anxious and nervous. This feeling normally arises when people go through a tough situation, a test, a problem at work; have to make an important decision. These disorders interfere with a person’s daily life. It is a form of mental illness or a mental state which is not normal. These people behave in a very overwhelming way and are under constant fear.  Most of the people never realize that something is wrong with them. They think that they are weird and can go crazy anytime. This feeling can lower the self esteem and let a person go into depression.

Natural ways to deal with anxiety-

There are any natural ways that can be used to treat anxiety. Herbal remedies and homemade medicines can help a person cure from anxiety. One has to understand that anxiety does not last longer and anxiety can also become a serious problem if not attended in time. Some herbs are very effective in the issues related to anxiety.

  1. Fennel – Fennel is used commonly in treating some common symptoms of the anxiety.  These symptoms are coughing, digestion related and asthma.
  2. Catnip – Catnip is similar to a mint and is a part of the herb family, which treats many disorders related to anxiety. It has shown great improvement in reducing the stomach cramps, irritation and spasm in the abdomen. Anxiety can cause insomnia resulting in headache. Catnip is the remedy to all and it reduces the insomnia, eases the muscle tension and also improves the appetite.
  3. Kava – Kava is said to be the most effective herbal supplement found which treats the anxiety. Researchers have studied the roots of the plant and results show that it helps reduce the stress, anxiety and insomnia. Furthermore, it is advised to take Kava under medical supervision as it has other health scares. It is said that Kava should not be taken if you consume alcohol, or have a liver disorder.
  4. Chamomile – Chamomile helps in calming a person and reduces nervousness. This nervousness is reduced both in physical and mental level. Chamomile work wonders on digestion related disorders and improves appetite reducing stress.
  5. Passionflower – The Passionflower is similar to Kava but it does not have any side effects like Kava and helps to treat mild anxiety. Works best for reducing the muscle tension and reduce insomnia, mood swings and headaches which occur during the anxiety.
  6. Hops – Hops is useful from ages and is beneficial to reduce nervousness, fever, stress headache, insomnia and skin disorders. There are many other benefits of Hops, which are used to give relief from other diseases.
  7. Valerian Root – Valerian Root is kind of a sedative and is used when a person is stressed and suffers from insomnia. Valerian works wonders in easing the muscles and reduce the mental and physical tension. Further, it makes a person suffering from anxiety relax and calm.

Above natural remedies will surely help you deal with anxiety, but it is always advised to ask your doctor. Though many of the natural remedies don’t have side  effects, consult doctor before going for any remedy to avoid  any issues.