What is Frizzy hair?

There are something called cuticles surround every strand of hair. Cuticles are nothing but scaly dead cells that surround the hair strands to form a sheath of outer cover. It protects and strengthens the hair strands. Yet, it doesn’t decide the color of the hair.

Why does hair become frizzy?

Frizz occurs when the cuticles raise halfway from its surface. Humidity worsens the condition as the moisture passes through the raised dead cells. It makes the hair strands become thicker. As a result hair dries and becomes frizzy. Curly hair is more prone to becoming frizzy than straight hair.
What causes frizzy hair?
Poor diet – Iron, minerals, vitamins are necessary for healthy and lustrous hair. Nutritional deficiency can cause your hair to become dry and lifeless.
Sun exposure- prolonged periods of sun exposure can cause your hair to lose hydration. It reduces lustre of the hair and make it dry and brittle.
Excessive herbal treatments: Using herbs like fenugreek and hibiscus is beneficial. But the overuse of hair masks with leaves and herbs can make your hair dry and brittle.
Chlorinated water – frequent contact with chlorinated water makes hair frizzy and unmanageable.
Hair products- Using excess shampoos and hair styling products can make hair brittle.
Hormones have an upper hand when it comes to hair health. Stress and stress hormones can affect your hair and scalp. Hormone imbalance causes dry and brittle hair and dandruff.
Hereditary- frizzy hair can be a result of genetics too.
How to treat frizzy hair?

Few Common Tips

Change your diet with more healthy food. Proteins and essential fatty acids are important for hair health. Include a variety of nuts like almonds, walnuts, etc in your regular diet. Take omega 3 rich foods like fish, kale, flax seeds, chia seeds and soy bean.
Try to have 8 hours of sleep. Do not use gadgets much unless it is necessary.
Have plenty of water and keep your body hydrated.
Choose your hair products . Do not use products with harsh chemicals. Use a frizz control shampoo as it contains silicones. It helps to control unmanageable hair. Also the wheat and soy proteins in these kind of shampoos help to tame your hair.

Starting a Hair care routine 

Get a haircut. Trim those dry and brittle split ends before starting any hair care regime. It will also improve the appearance of your hair.

Hot oil massage

Coconut oil
An authentic and sure shot method to curb frizzy hair is hot oil massage. You can start off with coconut oil as it is very light and thin compared to many other oils. It seeps into the hair shafts and get absorbed . Also coconut oil has anti microbial properties. It reduce dandruff growth. It softens the hair and prevents hair breakage.
Olive oil
Olive oil is a fantastic moisturiser. It strengthens the roots as it has mono unsaturated fatty acids. It reduces the occurrence of dandruff. It smoothens out the cuticles.
Argan oil
Argan oil is like liquid gold. It is expensive and also comes with a lot of benefits. It has high amount of unsaturated fatty acids which helps to repair the hair damage.
Almond oil
Almond oil is rich in vitamin E. It moisturises the hair and makes it silky and shiny. It strengthens the hair roots and makes the hair grow longer. It reduces split ends and it can even be as an anti frizz serum.
Use any one of these oils or combination of them while prepping for hair massage.
Warm the oil in a small bowl. Use cotton to apply oil on your scalp. Gently massage the scalp and hair shafts for 10minutes. Wrap around with warm damp towel. Leave the oil on hair for 30 minutes.
You can apply a hair pack after massage and leave it on for 30minutes. After that, wash with a mild shampoo.

Hair packs for frizzy hair

Egg and aloe vera mask:

Take one egg and beat it to mix the yolk with egg white. Add 2 or 3 drops of lemon juice to curb if there is any dandruff issue. Mix a tsp of aloe vera gel with it. Apply the mask on the scalp and spread it from roots to tip massaging your hair down. Leave it for 20 minutes and wash with mild shampoo.

Avocado and yogurt mask:


Avocado is a rich buttery fruit with lot of essential nutrients. Mix the pulp with 2 tbsp of thick curd. Apply it gently on your hair covering the scalp. Leave it for 30minutes and wash it off with a mild cleanser.

Banana and coconut milk mask:

Take one big ripe banana. Mash it in a bowl and make it a paste. Add 2tbasp of coconut milk. See to it that it is not very watery. You can include aloe pulp to this mix. Apply it on scalp massage from root to tip. Let it rest for 30minutes and wash off with mild cleanser.
Frizzy hair can be more problematic during winter as the hair gets even drier. Try to follow these beauty rituals at least twice a week to keep your hair problem free. Avoid shampooing your hair too often. Don’t use hot water while cleansing hair as it will rip off the moisture from the hair strands and will make it frizzy. Always use a heat protectant before styling your hair. Take a drop of almond oil in your palm. Rub your palms together and let your hair go through your palms. If you take time to take care of your hair you will see good results soon.