02 Dec 2021

Category: Motherhood

overcome eating disorders during pregnancy

How to overcome eating disorders? 

What are eating disorders? Eating disorders have a very different approach for different people. These disorders can make disastrous changes in the eating habits of a person. These people find it very difficult to eat as they have a fear of weight gain. The two…

Want to help my kid to handle bullying

Want to help your kid to handle bullying 

Bullying is a worldwide concern today for all parents. In schools and colleges, kids tease each other. This is a normal scenario everywhere. When this teasing is playful and friendly, everyone finds it funny and no one is upset. The problem arises when the teasing…

5 things a parent must tell a daughter

5 things a parent must tell a daughter 

Talk to your teen with great care! When talking to your daughter, especially in her teens, one of the most important things that need to be kept in mind is communication. When going through teenage years, a lot of hormonal changes takes place in her…