How to become an ideal guest?

How to become an ideal guest
Inviting guests for a brief stay is a common scenario. Usually, weekends and special occasions is the best time to invite guests for a couple of days. Though, hosts invite their near and dear ones with a lot of love but some guests become a real nuisance. If you have been invited to be...

How to be romantic in your 50s

Romantic in your 50s
Romance is the most important element that keeps any relation intact and for being romantic, there is no age limit. The life of any newly married couple is happening because of the level of romance in it. Many people complain that as they grow older or their marriage completes a certain time, it turns...

A Live-In – Does It Help Your Relationship?

A Live-In – Does It Help Your Relationship?
Marriage is one of the oldest institutions of our society and has been practiced since ages.  It is accepted in the society, families and cultures. But due to the changes in the society and a lot of western culture influencing today’s youth, the rage of ‘live in relationships’ is increasing in metro cities. They...

Tips to handle a possessive husband

Tips to handle a possessive husband
Are you finding it hard to handle your possessive partner? Well, relationships come with a lot of the critical challenges and issues with them. Many couples around us are not happy because there are some issues in their relationships. If one of the partners is not treating the other one properly, then it can...

Birthday surprise ideas for your friend

Birthday surprise ideas for your friend
Is your friend's birthday on your top list? Do you want to make it a memorable day for your friend with a big surprise? Well, a birthday is a very special occasion for everyone. It is a day of celebration. Birthday comes once in a year, so most of the people want to celebrate it...

Boyfriend Tracker- An app that lets lou keep tabs on your man

Boyfriend Tracker App That Lets You Keep Tabs on Your Man
With the massive development in the technology, in this era of smartphones, it is not at all difficult to do things at a touch. Video, chats, images, health, kids, business, shopping and many other applications are common now. Many interesting applications can surprise you. Can you believe that you can even keep a track on...

Bring the lost magic back to your love life

Bring the lost magic back to your love life
It is often said that the ‘love flame’ dies after you have kids. But it is not true.  You can bring the lost magic back to your love life. Newly become parents are often stressed and sleep deprived as they are coping up with the changes around them. Parents are emotionally and physically tired...

5 Signs to know he likes you

Signs to know he likes you
Want to know whether your boyfriend likes you or not? There are many signs that can tell you that a guy likes you. You don’t have to wait for those 3 words. Many other things can make you realize that he likes you. Body Language – Facial expressions can show mixed signals, but body language...

How to win your ex-boyfriend back?

win your ex-boyfriend back
Want to have your ex-boyfriend back? There are many things that can be done to win his mind and get your boyfriend back. Think about the reason why he should want you back. If you are serious, you need to put in the effort in a relationship. Don’t make him realize that you are so fond of him,...

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