Best And Worst Foods for Sex

food for sex
The food you eat has a great connection between health and even sex.  It is also linked that if you want to have a good sex life, then you should take care of your heart. Researchers have said that in order to feel the arousal in your genitals, the body needs good blood flow....

How To Become A Magnet For Friends

How to become a magnet for friends
Who does not like to have more friends? Having true friends is one of the wonderful things in your life. A true friend is one with whom you can laugh and cry, and share lots of things. You can share your problems with them. It is very important to have caring friends. But you...

5 signs your relationship is going nowhere fast

5 signs your relationship is going nowhere fast
It is commonly known and heard that the key to a healthy relationship is trust, communication, realization for each other and infinite love. As we are becoming modernized and advanced with time, relationships are just becoming a matter of necessity. However, if we take a look at some generations back then we can definitely...

5 times when your husband shouldn’t be told truth

5 times when your husband shouldn't
Telling a truth or avoiding it Marriage involves the union of a male and female probably of the same caste or of different caste to live together for a life time, to share all the hurdles together and to witness the happiness together.  To keep a good bonding between husband and wife it is always...

10 Proven Tricks to Make Your Marriage Stronger

10 proventricks that make your marriage stronger
Marriages are made in heaven. The world has been taught like that since long time.  Religionists, atheists and agnostics all alike have more or less accepted this dictum. Marriages are indeed made in heaven, because it is virtually impossible to predict who would marry whom and when. Thus people, men and women alike have...

Is it fine to be friends with Ex

Is it fine to be friends with Ex
We invest too much in a relationship and it is true that when it gets over, it is often hard to move on and even if we have, some glimpses, incidents or moments continue to be with us, sometimes for a small period or may be forever. In such an instance, it is always...

Working out with your partner renews the relationship

Working out with your partner renews the relationship
Working out with your partner renews the relationship..! Exercising is a good thing to do. And when you have your boyfriend with you even at the gym, Boy! Do you get motivated or what? It is said that couples who sweat out together stay together. Is it really true? Let’s find out. Who do you want...

Signs to check for if your long distance relation is breaking down

long-distance relation
Long distance relationships are difficult to maintain mainly because the couple loses touch. Initially the couple misses each other a lot and craves to be with each other. However in long distance relationships these feelings are short lived. As you meet newer people and make new friends the relationship takes a back seat. Love...

Maintaining a healthy relation with your ex-spouse for your kids

Maintaining a healthy relation with your ex-spouse for your kids
Divorced couples with children have huge challenges to face. Not only with their own personal lives but also the lives of their children. Joint parenting can be very difficult especially when you are divorced. For a child it is even more difficult to cope with the harsh realities of divorce. They keep wondering as...

How to get along with your boyfriend

How to gel with your boyfriend
Men and women are from different planets when it comes to communicating with each other. Either of them does not understand what the other person is saying and what they mean. Often relationships between a boy and girl end because of the lack of channelized and proper communication. Lack of compatibility means lack of...

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