3 Things to make you feel better about Being Single

Are you fed up of being single? Do you feel bad to be the only one without a partner when you go out with friends? Do you feel that you are missing out on something be not being in a committed relationship? If you’re answer is ‘yes’ to all these questions then you’ll soon be...

5 Qualities Men Look for in Women apart from Good Looks

Who said all men go by looks? There are certain other qualities that attract men more than good looks.When men date women, they fall for women by their good looks. But by the time they decide to settle down and get married they look for other good qualities that make the relationship last forever. If...

How to Dump a Guy without Hurting his Feelings

How to Dump a Guy without Hurting his Feelings
Break ups are tough, especially if you are one that’s calling it off. You want to break the relationship, yet you don’t want it to end bitterly. Here are a few tips to help you break it smoothly to him: Do it in person-Have the decency to break the news to him in person. How would...

5 Lessons Learnt from a Broken Heart

5 Lessons learnt from a broken heart
The world doesn't come to an end after a heart break. You have to move on. We learn a lot of things from the experiences that we have in life.So think of your just broken relationship as one of the experiences you face in life. But the key to success lies in learning from...

10 Things That Women Did Not know Turn Off Men

10 Things that women did not know turn off men
Most of the time women don’t realize it when they turn- off men. It can be simple stuff that you think don’t matter at all. Guys don’t like to discuss these issues. So read on to find out the top 15 things that can really annoy a guy. Too much perfume-Men love their women to smell...

7 Fights Every Couple Has

12 Fights every Couple Has
Life is not all about sweet talk, kisses, and hugs. When two people meet and continue a relation it is apparent to see all the colors of life. Despite of the deep love and affection, fight occurs between the two. The rule of universe also says nights are there to make you realize the...

How Adhere to a Committed Relationship

Two words, ‘committed’ and ‘relationship’ have acquired newer nuances in present times. Dictionary meanings of both words remain same as before, but their combination together throws varied notions to modern minds. Being pledged or bound to certain course is the commitment. Other implied notion denotes long term emotional relationship. The idea of relationship includes...

Why A Childhood Friendship Lasts Life Long And Supports For A Lifetime

Childhood friendships, the best of all friendships
Friends are the most important of all people in one’s life. A true friend is the one who understands you, the way you are and who accepts you completely, however you are. You may have an understanding family and yet, you need friends to laugh with, to cry together, to err together or to...

How To Make The First Wedding Anniversary Memorable

How to make the first wedding anniversary memorable
A wedding anniversary is special, be it first or the fiftieth. The first wedding anniversary is the most special of them all because the couples still are in their honeymoon mood and it is the beginning of more anniversaries. It is up to each individual as to how they would like to spend their...

How to Spice Up Your Romance Life

How to Spice Up Your Romance Life
Romance is the sweetest desirable part of everyone’s life. It infact acts as a lubricant in sustaining our marriage life. However, care should be taken that it is not taken for granted. In our marriage life we should make it a point that we are attending to our partner and their needs are fulfilled....

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