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How to decorate bedroom with stuff he loves

Bedrooms are an important part of any home, this is the place where you wind up everything and relax. Although bedroom are neutral place for couples where no one has a dominating side but mostly the bedrooms are managed and decorated by females filling them with stuff they love leaving the male side a...

5 Mistakes you are making when Hanging Curtains

Unless you’re a blinds kind of person, you have to change your curtains every few years. Fabrics get dirty with grime and dust and wear out after regular use. What’s more is that since curtains are used to keep out the sun, they bear the entire brunt of the sun and get faded. When you...

5 Tips to Make Your Room Look Spacious

5 Tips to make your room look spacious
Does your room feel too cramped and small? Are you fed up of living in a room with hardly any space to walk?Don’t worry. With a look at a few tips, you can decorate or remodel your room to make it appear larger and give it a fresh lease of life. Mirrors-Affix mirrors on...

4 Bathroom Cleaning Mistakes

The thought of cleaning the bathroom itself sends into depression. Bathrooms are the dirtiest places in the house. It’s the place where we dump all the waste from our body. So cleaning a bathroom is very important for hygiene purposes, so as to prevent catching infections and diseases. Most of us just go through cleaning...

7 Risks Everyone Should Take in Home Decor

It is not common for people to get wild in their home decor. Most of us feel it’s better to play it safe and stick to neutral shades, whether it is to pick a shade of the sofa or our wall color. But there are some decorating risks that one should take in their lifetime....

Giving the Creative touch to your walls

Giving the Creative touch to your walls
  A plain or a blank wall can be a great base for enhancing the beauty of living spaces. Gone are the days when wall decor was only restricted till matching wall paints with the furniture or just hanging few family photographs. The definition of wall decor has drastically evolved in current times. There are...

4 Ways to Refinish your Old Furniture

You don’t have to throw away your old set of drawers just because they’ve become old and have peeling off the edges. Give them a new look and watch your neighbor’s burn with envy. Here are a few ways to make your old furniture look fabulous: Wallpaper- If you think that paint is the only...

6 Things Most of us Forget to Clean at Home

All of us take care to keep our homes neat and clean. We scrub the floors; wipe down cupboard and drawer shelves etc… But there are some things that spots or things that we forget to clean. The 6 most common things or places we forget to clean include: Reusable grocery bags-Some grocers pack our goods...

How to clean your house in 30 min

Do you think that cleaning house is a gargantuan task? Believe me, it is not such a time-consuming undertaking. Just get organized and you can finish this task within half an hour. Yes, by prioritizing the things and incorporating a few knacks will help you clear the mess quickly. Here are some tips to clean...

How to Get Crayon Marks off Walls

Almost all households with toddlers face the situation when their walls get decorated with their little tot’s art.Crayon scribbles are not as hard to get off as you imagine them to be. Here are 7 ways in which you can easily get  crayon marks off walls: 1. Toothpaste The abrasive in the toothpaste will help get the...

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