23 Jan 2022

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Skin & Hair Care

4 Ways to Deal with your Bangs 

Bangs are tricky locks of hair on your forehead. Some people have had them their entire life. Basically they never got rid of the hairstyle their mom gave them as a kid. They really do justice to the facial features of some people. But wearing…

Skin & Hair Care

10 Weird Skin Tips That Work Wonders 

Sometimes even the best of products will not work on your skin that has a problem. There are some weird hacks that will cure those skin problems which have been followed by ages among those who know these weird skin secrets. Here are some weird…

7 Must-have hair styling tools
Skin & Hair Care

7 Must-have Hair Styling Tools 

  If you want to style your hair, especially at home you need to have the right tools to get the perfect looks and even experiment your look. It is not so bad to use styling tools once in a while. But don’t forget to…

Top 8 Hair Hacksfrom the pros
Skin & Hair Care

Top 8 Hair Hacks from the pros 

We all aspire to get salon like hair at home. Hair styling at home can be difficult, especially with all the products and processes. Here are some ways to make styling at home easier. Most professional stylists swear by them: Squeeze dry for no frizz-If…