6 Best Skincare Ways to use Ice Cubes!

Finding a cooling substance to save your natural beauty from this summer climate is really needed. Have you ever thought of a negative agent for your throat will be the best partner for your skin? Yes! Using Ice cubes over skin gets you the instant and perfect long-lasting look. Not just for the summer...

The Anti-Aging Perks of Apples

The Anti-Aging Perks of Apples
No matter what way you prefer; slicing them in your salad or pampering your skin with their nutrients; apple can undoubtedly help you get achieve the ever wanting shine and glow on your skin. Rich source of Vitamin C; it is a vital element for your hair and skin. Production of the skin’s cell...

Feed Your Face For Great Skin

Feed Your Face For Great Skin
Are you fed up of counting dollars on highly expensive beauty creams? Well if yes, then please do accept it that to get a beautiful and a healthy skin, it is important to feed your face. Women’s magazines or the cosmetic companies and even many doctors won’t be able to do as good as...

5 Ways to Get Fair Skin Naturally

5 Ways to get fair skinned naturally
All women aspire to get fair skin. It has been ingrained in our heads from the moment that we are born that having beautiful skin is have flawless, spotless fair skin that makes you glow.As a matter of fact, women in Asian countries and Africa strive harder to get fair skin because they think...

7 Differences between face oils and moisturizers

Face Oil and Moisturizers
  Differences between face oils and moisturizers: The new trend in moisturizing your face is face oils. Most are hesitant to try these oils as oil is often associated with grease which in turn for some lead to break outs. For those adventurous ones who have tried on these face oil now don’t want to switch back...

5 Reasons Why Wine Can Replace Your Face Creams!

You do have to agree that there is nothing more relaxing than finishing a day with a glass of wine. As much as your body thanks you for savoring that last sip, your skin secretly smiles for the very same reason. Yes, the health benefits of wine are numerous and my personal favorite is...

7 Foods to Accelerate Hair Growth

Hair trends keep changing day and night. Say what may long or short these foods on a daily routine will accelerate your hair growth. Fortunately, this is the season for long hair, so let’s embrace it! Are you a seafood person? You are going to love this! Oysters Sources of many minerals and nutrients for the human...

10 Myths and Facts About Hair Loss in Women

10 Myths and Facts About Hair Loss in Women
  Isn't it horrifying to find tons of your hair strands in your hair brush or on your pillow or even in the drain of your shower? Is it the water or the food we eat? If we research, we can come up with tons of answers on our hair loss. But not all that we...

10 Commandments of curly hair

People who are blessed with curls are also stuck with the problem of maintaining them. It’s not easy as running a comb through it like we do with silky straight hair. Don’t crib about the fact that you have curly hair. Just follow these simple rules about curly hair and you’ll feel blessed with what you...

DIY Citrus Sea Salt Scrub

Sea salt scrubs are a great way to pamper your skin. They not only scrub away all the dead cells on your skin, they also improve the blood circulation. Sea salt will help open up your pores and draw out all the toxins and impurities. Since it comes from the ocean, it is rich in...

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