7 Secrets to Flawless Hair in Summer

Summer is the season when we really want to flaunt our hair. But the season does not support this. Not only does our hair become frizzy, it also becomes dry and brittle due to the heat. Here are some secrets to keep your tresses beautiful all through the summer season: 1. Sport short hair or get...

How to blow dry your hair without damaging it

Learn the act of Damage free Blow Drying for your Hair
How many times have you landed in your office wearing a corporate suit with your wet hair? Do you often just towel dry your hair due to less time? Then this is a perfect guide for girls who can learn the art of blow drying their hair with great ease and comfort. This method...

5 Hair Tools You Need To Have In Your Kitty

5 Hair Tools You Need To Have
Beautiful hair is one of the highlights of a woman’s feminine charm. Women take great care of their hair and a lot of their time is consumed to maintain the beauty, shine and style of their unique gift of hair. However, those women who are on a go can find it rather difficult to...

10 Commandments of curly hair

People who are blessed with curls are also stuck with the problem of maintaining them. It’s not easy as running a comb through it like we do with silky straight hair. Don’t crib about the fact that you have curly hair. Just follow these simple rules about curly hair and you’ll feel blessed with what you...

3 Simple Ways to Curl Your Hair

3 Simple ways to curl your hair
Curls keep coming and going out of fashion. Some people are naturally blessed with curls while others are not.You can always go to a beauty salon and get a perm done. But then, think again. All these perming creams and heating appliances used on the hair can cause extensive damage to your hair. Here are...

Hair straightening iron – A must essential for every woman

  Hair straightening iron- A must have essential for every woman Bored of the same hair and tying it the same way. Then it’s time to experiment with your hair and get a glossy and shiny look with the help of a hair straightener. Hair straighteners are also called as irons, but they both have the...

6 Pretty Hairstyles You Can Do at Home

6 pretty hairstyles
Hairstyling is an integral part of an individual’s personality. Hairstyle contains hair cutting and getting new style. There is a great impact of society and culture on the hairstyling. When you are confident about your looks, you give your best at your work place, even at home you feel good about yourself. Pretty hairstylegives...

10 essential home remedies for glowing skin

10 essential home remedies for glowing skin
Gain glowing skin by using home remedies! Every woman wishes to have a flawless and glowing skin without using expensive creams and lotions available in the market. Whether one is a housewife, a student, working professional, these days, good skin is desired by every one of them. A smooth, glowing skin is the first thing...

Top 5 Sunscreens in 2015

  We cannot do without sunscreens in this day and age, especially when the sun’s UV rays have become so harsh and harmful to our skins. Stay safe this summer with these top 5 sunscreens the cosmetic industry has to offer us. 1. Clinique Face Cream (SPF 50) – Quick absorbency This sunscreen will be absorbed by your...

5 diets that can keep your skin healthy!

healthy skin
There are perhaps very few people on this planet who are not concerned about their looks. For the rest of us, our appearance is part and parcel of our personalities. Proper diet is the important factor to have a healthy and glowing skin. You probably use cosmetic appliances on your skin to make it...

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