Eat fish to lose weight

Eat fish to lose weight
Yes, you read it correctly. If you cross your fingers while standing on a weighing machine and pray god, then its time to change your habits. A number of factors are important while losing weight. You can lose weight when you burn more calories. Healthy diet makes a big difference in weight loss program....

Lose Weight with No Crash Diet

Lose Weight with No Crash Diet
Crash dieting is one of the most popular methods of losing weights. Most people prefer a crash diet course over any other weight-loss program both because it does not take up any time or serious effort and it yields the desired results much faster than any other program. It is simpler than most diet...

Five simple and time saving exercises for teenage girls

Five simple exercises for girls
Growing age is a very crucial age, especially for girls. Their bodies undergo various changes and they need proper diet, exercises and care to grow in a healthy, beautiful girl. Since teenage girls have a lot going on in their lives, time is of essence for them. Thus, they cannot spend a lot of...

Fat belly to flat belly

Fat belly to flat belly
A svelte and slim figure not only appears to be a beautiful one but also eradicates any possibility of chronic disease. Post emergence of belly, people often tend to develop chronic diseases like obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc… It is very difficult and challenging to deal with these problems post detection. Hence it...

Tips and exercises to get lean and hot legs

Lean and hot legs
  Every woman loves to shed excess weight on their legs and make them look lean and hot in a tight fitting dress. It is no longer a dream to gain such an impressive figure. Following some exercises and tips can help her gain enviable physique. Working lower half One of the most important exercises that can...

6 Things you should never Wear to the Gym

6 Things you should never wear to the gym
A lot of us head to the gym looking all frumpy. We do not realize the importance of gym clothing. Firstly, a good fitting outfit permits us comfort while working out. Secondly, if you look stylish, it gives you more motivation to work out. But there are something’s best left at home instead of worn...

Lose weight by following Water Diet

water for weight loss
Are you looking to lose a few pounds this summer? Switch to a water diet to lose some weight quickly and gear up for the summer months. Did you know that when a person starts losing weight initially they are losing water from their body? Drinking water flushes out water from the body and...

7 Mistakes that makes you overeat

7 Mistakes that make you overeat
Generally we eat for hunger, but there are some other reasons for eating like - to relive stress, to celebrate, social events. You eat when you are hungry and stop eating when you feel full. But many times, some situations trigger you to eat more. Overeating may lead to obesity. If you have realized that...

Stay fit and active with family and kids

How to stay fit and active with family and kids! In this fast paced time, maintaining a good health is a real challenge. Finding time amidst never ending family and kids’ responsibility makes it more difficult, but at the same time, there is no other option. Health and fitness is important for everyone but for...

Top 9 Safety Tips for Swimming Pool to have Risk-Free Swimming Experience

Top 9 Safety Tips for Swimming Pool
Swimming pool offers great fun and joy, especially during summer. The pool side is largely enjoyed by adults and children. But it can pose severe accidents and harmful incidents, and even death if proper precautions are not taken. So, to make the entire swimming experience more joyful and pleasing. it is better to follow...

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