Birthday surprise ideas for your friend

Is your friend’s birthday on your top list? Do you want to make it a memorable day for your friend with a big surprise?

Well, a birthday is a very special occasion for everyone. It is a day of celebration. Birthday comes once in a year, so most of the people want to celebrate it in a different way every time. Who does not like surprises on that special day? So if you want to make your friend’s birthday memorable, then you have to do something great and special that no one thinks of. With some unique ideas, you can make your friends day and get surprising smiles on your friend’s face in return.

 It does not mean that a lot of money is required for the great surprises. Instead of money, what really counts is your effort behind this. Believe me, well planned surprise helps you to make their day really special.

Here we share some best ways to surprise your friend on their very special day

  1. Surprise party-With your other friends you can make a plan and behave as you have forgotten his birthday. Be sure that no one called him to wish. Finally, in the evening you can arrange a surprise birthday party for him at your house. As a friend you should know that, does he prefer a small party with close friends or enjoy a big blast and make sure to plan it. To make a party special, surprise him with his favorite foods and drinks. Make sure that his favorite music rocks the dance  floor. Also, you can hire a live band and enjoy these memorable moments. Consider all the things he likes. It will be a great idea if you make your own song, expressing your feeling for him. The other idea is, choose a destination, which is a favorite place of your friend for the party.
  2. Decorate the room-Birthday is a good opportunity for you to decorate his room. You can gather his old photos, photos with family as well school or college friends. Make a frame of these photos and gift him. He will like it and cherish his old days. What’s more, you can make sketches of him and put it in his rooms.
  3. T-shirt or card signed by friends- Everyone likes birthday cards. You can make a simple card more memorable by getting that card signed by his friends and others who know him. Like a card, you can ask your friends to sign on plain T-shirt, it is really a great fun.
  4. Gift him throughout the day- Give him small but wonderful gifts every hour throughout the day. It is really good thing, if you make it yourself using creativity. It will be a great fun for him while opening all these gifts.
  5. Making a movie- Making a presentation or movie of his videos, photos and other things is really a wonderful gift. Add music to that to make it more special.

Relation between you and your best friend is the most rewarding thing in your life. And such surprises make your relation very strong. These surprises show how you care for him, which is very important than any other gifts. These simple but memorable moments give you happiness throughout your life. Just your creativity and little efforts will make your friends special day memorable forever. So, pull your socks and get ready to give your friend a big blast now.